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Letscom Fitness Tracker Review: Can it compete at such a low price?

Today we are reviewing the LETSCOM Fitness Tracker, a very affordable bluetooth tracking bracelet made rubber or silicone.

Now while the brand is not as popular, famous or recognized as Fitbit, Letscom says it has the same feature as most current activity trackers, at a fraction of the price.

different features chart on the letscom fitness tracker

LETSCOM Fitness Tracker Watch

Bluetooth 4.0 Heart Rate Monitor Bracelet, IP67 Waterproof Touch Screen Smart Bands with Activity Tracker for iPhone or Android Smartphones

It is made with a soft rubber band, and letscom also sells different color replacement bands (green, orange, black, purple) with the screen and electronics seemingly device fitted into it.

The fastening is a press fastening; as a short description, it is similar to a press stud but metal through the rubber.

How does it work and what are the main features?

The tracker device is removable from the rubber band and has its own USB connection on the device itself.

You just plug the device into a USB port and it will charge.

It takes roughly an hour to fully charge and lasts a week or so with no need to charge it again. It suggests you charge the device for a short while before using it for the first time.

letscom usb charging guide

The tracker has an OLED touch screen, which allows you to tap or swipe the device to view the different functions.

After charging your tracker, the next thing you must do is download the LETSFIT app from the Google Play Store or iTunes Store.

Don’t worry, it is a free app. Once downloaded, you have to turn your Bluetooth on and pair the device in the app.

It will sync all your details from your tracker to your app in a few seconds. If you also notice that the tracker’s date and time are wrong before you sync with the app, you don’t need to do anything as it updates it over Bluetooth.

You have to run the app set up and set your height, weight, age, gender and daily step and sleep targets.

What features can you get at this price?

The LETSCOM Fitness Tracker Watch  is waterproof (IP67) and worn on the wrist, just like a wristwatch.

This fitness tracker possesses a battery life of 10 days.

Daily fitness tracking - letscom ad featuring a woman and an IOS phone

This is very close to the average battery life among fitness trackers, which is 7 days. As far as charging time goes, letscom’s tracker will have a fully charged battery in 60 minutes.

Compared to the average charging time of 120 minutes, it has a shorter than average charge time.

This tracker sports an OLED screen, quite impressive at such a low price point.

While the display is basic, it is very crisp and clear, and you’ll have no problem reading your fitness stats on this tracker’s screen.

The pedometer, heart rate sensor, notifications and the sleep monitoring are the most useful functions, with the app syncing the data to provide useful graphs.

What we liked:

  • Heart rate monitoring, pedometer, calories record, sleep quality monitoring, sync date and time, notifications, remote camera control, anti-lost alert, find Phone, sedentary alert, etc.
  • 24 hour Accurate Heart Rate Monitor (NOT for medical use) – newest HR sensor adopted for accurate and effective monitoring
  • Responsive OLED Touch Screen – by tapping/sliding
  • No daily Charging Needed; long battery life: about 7-10 days standby time/4 days operating time.
  • Bluetooth 4.0, IP67 water resistant. Supports IOS 7.1 or above; Android 4.4 or above

Online Customer Reviews and Scores

There were 270 reviews at the time of writing this post, and we cannot deny or ignore the large number of positive feedback comparing to the negative posts.

Overall we are dealing with happy customers, who voted with an average of 4 out of 5 stars, and there are certain opinions available for further references.

Sleep tracking with letscom - woman sleeping

LETSCOM Fitness Tracker Watch

Bluetooth 4.0 Heart Rate Monitor Bracelet, IP67 Waterproof Touch Screen Smart Bands with Activity Tracker for iPhone or Android Smartphones

We can see the customers’ honest opinions, taking into consideration many other criteria, such as the price, the availability, the seller’s, variety and of course the reviews.

Things people liked

It is a tracker that exceeded expectations for the price.

One of the most appreciated features is the discreet vibration you feel when you receive calls and texts.

Why? You can’t have the phone in your hand all the time, especially if you work or go to school. Plus, a mobile phone can disturb others, but the wristband is for your own notice.

The battery life is also impressive, people have worn it 4 days after being completely charged in 30 minutes.

The tracking and monitoring is very accurate, whether we talk about heart rate, counting steps or sleep monitoring. It simply makes you get up and move.

Things people did not like

If we have a quick look on the negative feedback, we can see it points to small faults such as difficulties in doing up the stripe, a basic app (which can be updated on a regular basis by the way).

Bad connection between devices (which can be solved as well with a regular update), poor design (which is definitely a matter of taste).

Several users and reviewers mentionned that the screen is not bright enough for outdoor / full sunlight situations.

This is definitely something to keep in mind depending on your usage. If you are buying this for the gym or don’t need real time monitoring and wrist-checking you’ll be fine.

Hence, all these customers were eventually happy with the products, as they decided to keep them and use them because it is about good quality at a fair price.

Frequently Asked Questions

“Do you need your phone to be with you all the time?”

No, you don’t have to take your phone with you, the app will catch up with activity data when you next sync with your phone.

“How do I change settings?”

You can do so through the app on your phone.

“Can I receive text messages?”

The LETSCOM fitness tracker watch can read/display partial text messages (limited up to 12 letters). However, the core focus of the function is still the notification, so it supports mainly the reading of SMS notification instead of the whole text message.

So should you buy a LETSCOM Fitness Tracker after all?

This fitness tracker is a good value, budget option and is perfect for those wanting a smart, connected fitness band whilst also not wanting to spend on a much pricier fitness tracker.

Firstly it has a nice sleek design and is a relatively simple design, the actual device is simply enclosed into a silicone band turning it into a watch. It is light, not thick and is comfortable to wear. The screen is nice and bright, clear to read and is not too bright that at night it hurts your eyes.

Youtube user rjguess1 made a good review video for the letscom fitness tracke:

LETSCOM Fitness Tracker Watch

Bluetooth 4.0 Heart Rate Monitor Bracelet, IP67 Waterproof Touch Screen Smart Bands with Activity Tracker for iPhone or Android Smartphones

It has a multitude of features (pedometer, calories record, sleep quality monitoring, HR (heart rate) monitoring, sync date and time, notifications, music control, Remote camera control, anti-lost alert, find Phone, sedentary alert) which whilst all do work, some are more effective than others.

It is very simple but has a lot for what you pay for. The replaceable bands are also a plus, making sure that the letscom tracker itself will outlive the wristbands.


6 Total Score
LETSCOM Fitness Tracker : Best Value for Money

A solid product, with a simple but effective design. At this price point, it competes with anything out there. In fact, activity tracker 2 times the price are not as well made as this one. Because letscom sold a lot of units, they were able to deliver a well rounded and finished product, and invest in good smartphone apps to go with it.We definitely recommend it if you are looking for basic heart rate monitoring and fitness tracking at an affordable price.

Ease of use
Build quality
  • Affordable
  • Replaceable bands with different colors
  • Crisp clear screen
  • Well made app
  • Not as accurate as double sensor (more expensive) trackers
  • It is hard to see the screen in sunlight
User Rating: 2.76 (29 votes)

  1. Reply
    Thomas Nickels June 3, 2017 at 11:17 pm

    I give it a nine in build quality. Tried a fitbit. Has just as much quality. Only feature fitbit has is flights of steps that’s it. I give it a nine in features. Price point is great at 40.00 and does not have to be connected to website in order to use your phone and the features. Fitbit lashes you to their website and is a data eater. I use a chest strap when I am working out. Have compared the heart rate to chest strap and it is right on the money. For fitness or whatever this is a great deal.

  2. Reply
    Val Wetmore July 11, 2017 at 10:22 pm

    I was egged on by my family members to get a fitbit.but couldn’t justify the price!!This one does all that I need.its great to be able see out doing my stepping goals every day! sync mine to a Android phone,now problems..I also bought 2 sets of bands,great to be able to interchange..Get one you won’t be dissapointed..

  3. Reply
    Helaina Cochran August 4, 2017 at 12:08 am

    I had a jawbone. I loved it. But the clasp and band were poorly made. I also did not receive any help from customer service after 3 times trying to contact them. I am getting used to this one and so far I really like it

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