Best Fitness Tracker For Crossfit

Best Fitness Tracker For Crossfit Training

Best Fitness Tracker For Crossfit

CrossFit is an exercise regimen that is designed to be high intensity, which means that you work hard for a period of time and then take a rest and work hard again. This timed exercise involves and incorporates different sports into the routine.

The various sports that make up CrossFit each offer a different type of training for your body and work on different parts of your body. CrossFit is usually done as a group workout where they decide on tasks to complete for the day and encourage each other throughout the exercise time.

What specifics does a fitness tracker need for crossfit?

Because you are doing multiple different sports actions while you are doing CrossFit exercises you are going to want a device that can accurately recognize your movements and record your activity.

Not only should the tracker recognize your steps and distance when you are walking but should be able to read movements other than standard walking motions.

You will probably be wanting a tracker that can do more than just act as a pedometer and count steps and distance but to have more functions.

Your heart rate for example, could be a fitness measurement your would want to be tracked in additions to your blood pressure, blood oxygen, sleep patterns and quality and even give you alarm settings.

While most people who do CrossFit are highly active and get to the gym to workout and exercise, sometimes we all need a little boost and reminder to keep active.

Many trackers today are equipped with a gentle reminder feature that prompts you to get up and get moving if you are being sedentary, which is a feature you may want to keep you reminded to do your CrossFit exercises regularly.

Considerations for adding fitness trackers for this list

  • Accuracy: Some people report a lot of issues with the accuracy of step tracking, distance and heart rate monitoring. For CrossFit you are going to want particularly accurate fitness trackers that will record all of the hard work you are putting in.
  • Durability: A fitness tracker that is durable is obviously a highly sought after quality because you are investing your money into a device. Your tracker should be durable for long term wear so you do not have to replace it and for daily wear and tear.
  • Long battery life: Your battery should not be something you have to continuously be worrying about throughout the day or even the week. Your battery should charge and last you throughout the week with continual use and it should be strong enough to not need replacements often.
  • Water resistant or waterproof: With CrossFit you will most probably be sweating in profuse amounts throughout the workout. You will want your device to hold up against the sweat without damaging the device with water.

Top 5 Fitness Trackers For Crossfit

Fitbit Charge 2 Heart Rate + Fitness Wristband

Fitbit  is probably a name you know and a brand you have heard of, you may even resort to calling all fitness trackers Fitbits. They have made some of the highest quality, fashionable fitness trackers and their name is one that we remember.

Fitbit has many models out there but this is one that we particularly liked for CrossFitters because it is not only durable but tracks many areas of your health.

This is an all day tracker that measures your heart rate and steps automatically as long as you are wearing the device.

While this tracks your heart rate it is slightly different than how others track heart rate as it has multiple heart rate zones to measure things like fat burn and cardio. From this you will get a cardio fitness score that helps you understand your heart health.

There is also a GPS and your steps, distance and even stairs are counted. You will have a more accurate reading of what you have accomplished throughout the day.


  • Long battery life
  • Special heart rate tracking
  • GPS tracking
  • Durable


  • Some report allergic reactions to the band
  • Some report charging issues

Garmin vívosmart HR Activity Tracker Regular Fit

This particular choice is very sleekly designed and will be fashionable for you to wear no matter what your outfit is. It is easy to read the time and information on this device regardless of the lighting where you are.

Your distance walked or run, the steps you take, calories, and heart rate will be counted and tracked continuously. You can set up gentle reminders for you to get throughout the day to keep active.

This device is compatible with many smartphones and will allow you to sync information. You can get messages and alerts as well as missed call informations sent straight to your tracker.


  • Fashionable
  • Multiple measures tracked
  • Syncs with phones
  • Accurate


  • Few color options
  • Some report difficulty setting up the device

DAPRIL Fitness Tracker

Dapril created a fitness tracker that is great for those on a budget but does not come cheaply made. This will be useful for you in CrossFit as it measures and tracks multiple areas of fitness to accurately read all of the sports activities you do.

This is a Bluetooth capable and waterproof device so not only can you sync the device to your phone but you do not have to worry about any water damage.

This device charges wirelessly and you simply have to remove the tracker from the band and plug it into a USB port to charge it successfully.

Not only will your device act like a pedometer and track steps, calories and distance but it will track your heart rate continuously and you sleep. Throughout the night the amount of sleep and the quality of your sleep will be tracked and recorded.


  • Sleep tracking
  • Bluetooth
  • Inexpensive
  • Continuous heart rate tracking


  • Band may be slightly breakable
  • May smell when new

Huawei Band 2 Pro All-in-One Activity Tracker Smart Fitness Wristband

This band is marketed as an activity tracker because it is designed with multi-sport functions to track more fitness measurements. This is a waterproof device that will be able to take all of the sweat and water that will comes with working out without doing any damage to the device.

There is a built in GPS, and step tracker that will help you keep track of your distance and act like a pedometer.

It goes deeper though and tracks your sleep throughout the night as well.

Your sleep will be tracked accurately regardless of if it is deep sleep or light sleep which is not a common measure. Typically these devices limit themselves to only deep sleep tracking and measuring the quality of sleep.


  • Sleep mode tracking
  • GPS built in
  • Multi-sport functions
  • Waterproof


  • Some parts of the app show up in Chinese
  • Instructions are a bit difficult

Xiaomi Mi Band

Xiaomi is known for making durable, less expensive electronics like cell phones and fitness trackers as well. This Xiaomi band is Bluetooth capable and will sync up with your smartphone in order for you to keep your data logged and get updates from your phone.

You will have a stylish band to wear to the office or to the gym, or even for morning runs.

You do not have to worry about taking it off and changing it when you want to look more official, because it looks professional as well.

Your steps will be counted throughout the day regardless of if you are walking, running or engaging in CrossFit activities.

The distance you have run, your calories and your sleep will all be monitored while you have the band on your wrist.

Your sleep will be tracked when it is light sleep or deep sleep as well of all of your active time. This is a waterproof tracker and you do not have to worry about sweat or even water workouts causing any damage to the device.


  • Light sleep tracked
  • Less expensive
  • Stylish
  • waterproof


  • Difficulty connecting with Bluetooth
  • Some found the step count off

Final thoughts

Fitness trackers are good for those who are active and those who are simply looking to monitor your health regularly. Specifically speaking for CrossFit this will give you real updates and logged information to help you better track how the workouts you do are good for you.

CrossFit implements multiple different sports into a single routine which means you need a very smart tracker that can recognize the data that is being input. Not only will this keep accurate record of your steps but will watch your heart rate as well.

If you sync the tracker with your phone then you can keep it on hand all day and not only get fitness updates, but missed messages and calls from your phone. You do not have to worry about stopping your workout to check your phone constantly, but can continue to exercise.

You can speak with your doctor about your overall health and how a fitness tracker can be a benefit for you. The information that is tracked and recorded in this device can be used to give you and your doctor a better picture of your health.

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