Plant based diet for weight loss – Is it good for you?

Nowadays, there are simply too many choices when it comes to your diet.

There are multiple fad diets that all claim to give you the best results, while simultaneously all falling short. How do you know which lifestyle will actually set you up for success? You want a body with a percentage of fat and a high percentage of lean muscle, but how can you possibly get there?

Let’s go back to humanity’s roots.

Food was never meant to be this over-processed, synthetic product that you purchase in a pre-made package and then throw in your microwave in order to consume.

No matter how low the amount of calories, carbohydrates, or fat in a packaged food product, it will not give your body what it really needs.

Instead, we should seek after foods that humans have lived healthily on for years. This includes anything that grows from the earth like fruits, vegetables, and grains.


It is widely believed that when humans were, as a species, very young, our diet was mainly comprised of natural foods like fruits, seeds, nuts, vegetables, and meats.

However, it should be noted that because of the general nature of hunting, we did not eat very much meat at all. Hunting is a long, extensive process, and it is much more efficient to find food from plant sources.

Although scientists have dubbed prehistoric humans as being “hunter-gatherers,” we can assume that because of the sheer effort and low payoff of hunting, that the primary food source came from things gathered, which would be plant products.

This leads us to our main point: if you want your body to perform optimally, maintaining health and rarely getting sick, you must pursue a plant-based diet.

Why Plant-Based Diets Are Excellent for Your Health

A plant-based diet is simply the most beneficial lifestyle for the human body.

Plants contain all of the necessary nutrients, including protein, that the body needs to not only survive, but thrive.

The vitamins contained in plants enable your blood sugar to regulate itself, thus providing you with a constant energy, instead of the spikes and crashes that we have become used to.

The nutrients in fruits and vegetables also enable your body to function as it was meant to, which means that things like your immune system will be healthier than ever.

Say goodbye to catching every cold that an associate comes to work with! When your diet consists of plant-based foods, you will find yourself better prepared for allergy season too, without the need for antihistamines, because your body has a healthy defense for things it is intolerant to.

Physical Benefits of a Plant-Based Diet

When eating a plant-based diet, you will begin to look more attractive. Eating fruits, vegetables, seeds, nuts, and grains will make you feel great, but it will also make you look great.

When your body becomes internally regulated, you lose the tendency to experience things like acne, skin blemishes, dry skin, dry hair, or cracked nails, because many times those symptoms are caused by hormonal imbalance.

When your hormones stop fluctuating incessantly, your outward appearance will also regulate in a positive way. Aside from your skin glowing and your hair shining, on a plant-based diet, your body’s shape will change! Your ideal weight and body fat percentage will finally be achieved.

You will no longer be too thin or too big. Your body will have exactly what it needs to function, and there will not be unnecessary energy to store in your body that may turn into fat later.

Weight Loss and Beyond

So, the biggest appeals of a plant-based diet are obviously the physical ones that we can see in the mirror. What if I told you that was just the beginning?


Imagine being able to eat until you are fully satisfied without worrying about how many calories you just consumed. That would be wonderful, right? That is actually achievable.

When you primarily eat a plant-based diet, you can eat until your body signals you to stop. Your body will only signal you to stop when it feels full and satisfied.

You will no longer have to talk yourself out of that second serving- go ahead and have it if you’re still hungry! Then, everything you have just consumed will be put to good use in your body.

Also, there will not be a high probability of experiencing things like nausea, heartburn, indigestion, or bowel problems, because everything you are consuming will be something your body was programmed to metabolize.

Your stomach and intestines know how to break down and use fruits and vegetables. Oftentimes, digestion issues are the result of your body not knowing what to do with its contents, like when we eat synthetic, processed foods.


When you eat a plant-based diet, you are not just benefiting yourself; you’re actually helping the environment.

I know, I know. People get tired of hearing about the “vegan agenda” and feeling guilty for eating animals. I’m not talking about that. It is literally good for the Earth, the soil, the plants, the entire ecosystem when humans eat a plant-based diet.


This is because the more we consume plants, the more those plants get pollinated, which means that, ultimately, even more plants grow. We are actively growing more food for ourselves when we eat that exact same food.

When plants thrive, whole communities of creatures do, too.

The more plants there are, the more food sources and homes there are for both humans and animals. Also, the leafier green plants there are, the cleaner our air becomes. (Certain plants act like air “scrubbers”, consuming carbon dioxide and releasing oxygen, essentially purifying the air for the benefit of humans.)

Getting Started

Starting a plant-based diet can be difficult.

Nowadays our bodies have become addicted to many foods that are readily available for us at convenience stores and fast food restaurants. You can think of the plant based powder option for tasty shakes too.

However, when making the transition to eating plant-based foods, you will find that it becomes easier with time.

Give yourself grace, especially in the beginning. Start by making small changes, like adding a couple fruits for veggies into your normal diet without taking anything away yet.

Gradually, cut back on processed foods and meat products until it is a very minimal part of your diet. Begin to add more plant foods in until you are eating 80-90% plant-based. Once you experience how differently good you feel, it will become an easy delight to remain a plant-based eater for the rest of your life.

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