Garmin Index scale showing a body fat percentage on its lcd display

Garmin Index Wifi Smart Scale Review

Garmin Index scale showing a body fat percentage on its lcd display

In this post, we are reviewing the Garmin Index WIFI Smart Scale, a great body composition analyzer that you can use to measure lots of different factors.


Measurable things include, your body mass index, body fat, water percentage, skeletal muscle and bone mass.

The smart scale is designed to be really precise and track and store your results on its downloadable application. Whether you are on a dieting programme or an athlete in training, Garmin’s Index scale could be the answer to track your and your family and friends progress from the comfort of your own home.

Various body composition metrics

The Garmin Index Smart Scale’s main feature is its ability to monitor such a wide range of body measurements.

Ranging from body mass index to your body’s water percentage, the smart scale not only gives you the results, but also gives you a better understanding on the areas that you need to improve and work on.

As there are many different body measurement tracking on the device, this opens many different doors to the kind of people that can use the device, including weightlifters and bodybuilders to dieters and health enthusiasts.

Storage and Wifi functionality

Yet another fantastic feature of the Garmin smart scale is the ability to track, locate and store all your important results online via the application wirelessly through the devices built-in WIFI.

Garmin Index is Wi-Fi connected, allowing you to wirelessly sync your data to Garmin Connect.

From your computer or on your compatible mobile device.


The Garmin Index enables you to see all your data in more detail and review your progress, helping you keep to your personal goals. The device can also store up to 16 users and when that particular user steps on the scale, the smart scale automatically detects which user is using the device via the past results and automatically sends the data to the correct users profile.

The original setup is really easy to do, you will need to enter your age, sex, and height and the device will do the rest. If you don’t have WIFI at home, don’t worry, you can easily connect the smart scale to any device that is compatible with Bluetooth.

Scale specifications

  • 1 weight of the device – 2.8kg
  • 2 Battery life of the device – up to 8 months and uses 4 x AA batteries that are included with the device
  • 3 Other ways to connect – Bluetooth compatible
  • 4 WIFI – Wifi enabled via 2.4GHz
  • 5 Weight limitation – 181 kg
  • 6 Display – The device has an extra large, night readable display. The Garmin smart scale displays bright, large, LED numbers against a black background, allowing for the results to be easily seen under any lighting conditions.
  • 7 User profiles – create up to 16 different user profiles via the application. Each user will need to create their own profile in the application.

Customer reviews and scores

There has been over 150 reviews on the Garmin Smart scale product on amazon and most of them are really positive. Out of the 198 product reviews the smart scale had an average of 3.7 stars out of 5 at the moment of publishing this very review.


Most of the positive reviews are pointing out the great accuracy of the results and how great it looks, with its easy to read digital viewer located on the front of the scale.

Another great point highlighted in the reviews is how the device “effortlessly” streams the data directly to your smartphone or PC via WIFI or Bluetooth. All the reviews (including the negative ones) also state how good-looking and modern the smart scale looks.

Possible flaws

As with all products, no product is completely flawless and the same goes for the Garmin Smart Scale.

A few of the negative reviews seem to be focusing on the firmware of the device and the user manual that comes from Garmin.

The user manual is said to be really hard to read and not written in native English and as there are 3 ways to connect the device wirelessly, it seems to be causing some confusion with the original setup.

Another bugbear is the fact the device can only log one result per day. If you want to weigh yourself more than once per day, the device will override the previous result with the new one. Most people don’t need to weigh themselves more than once per day, so it shouldn’t be a real issue there.

The last negative seems to be the price of the smartscale. While it is true that you can purchase similar devices for a cheaper price, very few work as well as the Garmin.

If Garmin needs to be presented, they are a very big brand name in the sports market, and therefore they do have a reputation to stand up to.

We found it to be extremely reliable and for around 20 bucks over the nearest competitor smartscale, it is well worth the extra price given its features.

Overall review

Our final conclusion on the Garmin Index Smart Scale is a really positive one.

As we pointed out above, it is one of the most pricey smart scales on the market, but it’s only about 20 or 30 bucks more expensive than other that have nowhere near as many functions and features.

Since the device can log up to 6 different body composition measurements, it will appeal to almost anyone that is seriously into their health and fitness.

As the smart scale can monitor up to 16 users at anytime, you can keep track of your friends and families results and compare them to help you, not only stay on track, but improve them as you compete against one another.

The device looks extremely modern and would look great in any washroom.


The result figures are bright and really easy to see the main body of the smart scale is really robust and study, giving you peace of mind it will stand the test of time. We really recommend the Garmin scale for all fitness and weight loss enthusiasts.

If you still didn’t decide to buy Garmin or not, you can check out our “Best Scale” list.

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  1. I have been researching these body fat analysis devices for a few months before opting for the Garmin and I can say it was a good decision. I read that many devices don’t give you the same results as those at the gym. I tested this with the Garmin over a few days and the result where exactly the same as at the gym. Exactly the same! I am really happy with it and it logs all your stats directly to your mobile device. Me and the wife cant live without it now!

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