Etekcity Bluetooth Smart Body Fat Scale Review

Whether you are into a strict workout routine or it is your new year resolution and you just want to track your BMI, weight, fat and more, a smart scale is a great way to keep your weight loss objectives in check.

etekcity body fat scale as seen from the top

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They usually connect with an app on your tablet or phone and show you all-inclusive results that you cannot get from a traditional bathroom scale.

One awesome example of a good quality smart scale is the Etekcity Bluetooth Digital Smart Body Fat Weight Scale.

You can use it to track your body weight, body fat, water percentage, muscle mass, bone mass, BMI, visceral fat and BMR. It uses 4 high precision sensors to deliver accurate results instantly and its sharp and sizeable LCD display makes reading measurements very easy.

Built for precision and performance

Since it connects to a smartphone app via Bluetooth, this scale is very easy to use.

Anytime you step on it records your data and syncs it to the app. It also features four high precision sensors that ensure accuracy every time anyone steps on it and its 400-pound weight limit means almost everyone in the family can use it.

It can also support unlimited number of individual profiles so whether anyone in your family wants to add muscle, gain weight or lose weight while this scale can help.

etekcity scale sizing and proportions

And you do not need to worry about your information being confused with somebody else’s’ as the device can easily ascertain who is using it.

It usually displays your profile before it shows your weight and other important data. The ultra-chick tempered glass machine is not only durable, but it also features an auto on/off system for maximum battery life and superior convenience.

Tracking Capabilities review

This is perhaps one of the most outstanding featured of the scale.

The app allows you to set goals, note the type of foods you have consumed and monitor all your workouts.

All these information is synced and analyzed thoroughly and then it gives out clear and bright bar and line graphs of the information.

This makes it very easy for anyone who is using the scale to see how they are doing. You can also choose measurements in kilograms or pounds and it is powered by 2 AA batteries making it very portable.

And unlike many other smart scales that are downright ugly, this digital smart scale is very attractive and sleek and integrates well with any décor. It is also easy to read the numbers as it has a large 4.3 inches screen display.


  • Instant readings, no need to switch the scale on or tap anything.
  • Designed with a non-slip rubber feet, so you do not have to worry about scratched floors
  • Uses 4 high precision sensors to deliver very accurate measurements
  • Measures up to 400 pounds
  • Has an auto shut off feature to conserve energy and is pre-calibrated for convenience and speed.
  • Designed with a tempered glass to provide safety and exceptional sturdiness.

etekcity smart scale features

Customer reviews and scores

At the time of publishing this review, the Etekcity Bluetooth Body Fat Scale had 34 reviews on amazon and an average rating of 4.0 out of 5 stars which means it does the job well and many users like it.




  • Although setting up the scale to connect with the app can be a bit tricky, the scale comes with manual that walks you through every step and ensures that your machine is up and running.
  • One main drawback about the device has more to do with personal preferences other the Bluetooth application, because it is very easy to navigate and well designed. The app tracks a lot of data and it can be overwhelming at times. Many smart scales are very minimalist, but the opposite is true with this one. But fortunately, you can easily delete what you do not want to see.
  • Accuracy: This is not a top tier product like the garmin index or philips connected scale, and accuracy can be an issue if you are really looking for a top-tier product, this is not the one. It will give you ok readings and let you track your progress, but it is not the best technology there is when it comes to this type of scales.


Etekcity‘s Smart scale is a fantastic fitness and weight loss product with all round capabilities to help you achieve your fitness and weight loss objectives.

In addition, the machine is well designed and can fit in almost all bathrooms.

etekcity app compatibility graphic

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It also integrates well with many smartphones making it one of the best digital smart scales available. It is basically an exceptional option for people who appreciate maximum compatibility and connectivity.

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