Weight Gurus Wifi Smart Connected Body Fat Scale Review

The Weight Gurus WIFI Smart body fat scale is perfect for those looking to keep track of the body weight digitally.


The Weight Guru tracks and stores different attributes including  BMI, body fat, body water and lean and bone mass.

Compatible smartphone apps

The weight guru scale is extremely easy to setup and sync with your smartphone, via an “Weight Guru” application (iphoneAndroid) on your device.

You can also hook your weight guru scale to other applications such as “MyFitnessPal” as other apps will have different types of body weight records that might be more applicable to you.


Once you have downloaded your application, make sure that you place all your profile data into it, to ensure the application can measure the results accordingly.

Real life use

The quality and detail of the Weight Guru wifi scale is noticed immediately as you take it out of the box. It has a great LCD 4.4 inch display, with a neon blue background light, ensuring it is extremely easy to read in any lighting condition.

The main body of the wifi scale is slender and stylish, with a tempered glass design that will look great in any bathroom.


We found the “Auto-On” is the simplest way to use this body fat analyzer. All you need to do is step on the metal conductors and evenly distribute your weight on the scale.

Once you have completed the user set-up, the auto-detection will connect you to your profile. If the device doesn’t  match up to any user profile, then the Weight Guru scale will only display your weight result.

The body composition calculations require your height, activity level, and gender, to be able to calculate, so ensure you input that data beforehand.

Scale specifications

  • Weight unit –  lb / kg
  • Capacity –  397 lb / 180kg
  • Division – 0.2lb / 0.2kg
  • Minimal weight –  5kg
  • Batteries – 4 AAA
  • User No –  8
  • Age range – 10-85
  • Stature Range –  3ft 3inches to 7ft 3inches / 100-220 cm
  • Measurements calculated –  Body weight, BMI, body fat, water weight, muscle mass, and bone massweightguru-body-scale-wifi

Frequently Asked Questions

Here are a few answers to the most important questions regarding the Weight Gurus WiFi Smart Connected Body Fat Smart Scale:

Can the Weight Guru scale connect to the popular “MyfitnessPal” application?

The smart can easily be connected to myfitnesspal application. Simply download it to your Android or IOS device and connect the scale via Bluetooth. The Weight Guru is also compatible with the Apple Healthkit app.

Can the device sync via Wifi instead of Bluetooth?

There are 2 different types, one with Bluetooth connection and the other slightly more expensive scale has a WIFI hook up. Both work great, but the WIFI one will automatically sync all your data transparently.

Is it possible to export your data via a spreadsheet or CSV file?

Is it possible to export any data from the application. There are many different ways to export the data including CSV, text file or spreadsheets.

Will the Weight Guru automatically sync other user profiles to their personal app?

Once a user has installed the an application applicable for the scale, they will need to create a profile on the scale itself, once they have done so, each time they step on the scale, it will remember them based on their statistics and automatically sync their data to the app.

Can the scale connect to all bands of WIFI?

Unfortunately the Weight Guru will only recognise 2.4ghz Wireless networks at this time.

Overall review

Overall, the Weight Gurus Bluetooth Smart Connected Body Fat Scale is a lower end, digital scale, but does what it is designed to do.

There are a few little bug bears with the device and the main one if that you need to take a pic of the barcode every time your weight yourself, so that the scale can log your information.

Another small issue is the fact the application doesn’t seem to store bone and water mass, but as mentioned earlier, there are other applications you can download that will log these if that is important for you.


For a relatively low cost, it is certainly one of the better digital scales for those looking for a bargain.

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4 thoughts on “Weight Gurus Wifi Smart Connected Body Fat Scale Review”

  1. My partner got me the weight Guru scale for my birthday in the new year as I wanted to measure more than just my weight. Having health issues, it is important for me to check my body vitals everyday and store them so I can identify which foods and medicines are working for me.

    I am not a technical person so my friend helped me set it up so that it knows me when I stand on it. I couldn’t believe how it automatically logs my information and believe me, its a good job the website is user friendly otherwise I would of been lost. If I can use the Weight Guru anyone can. Probably the best gift I ever received.

  2. My scale tracks my weight just fine, sending it to my iPhone. I am designated U1 and have had no problem. It has been very difficult to get it to work for my wife. We have designated her as U2. We set it up with her iPhone and it will send one weighing to her iPhone then, the next day, it stops recognizing her as U2. We set up the scale exactly the same way as for me. We have set her up as U2 about a dozen times and the initial weigh in is the only one we can get the scale to recognize. We are significantly different in weight so it should be able to differentiate between us.
    What can we do to get it to continue recognizing her as U2????

  3. I like the scale but I don’t understand why the the water weight and muscle mass numbers never change. I’ve lost quite a few pounds and have been lifting weights so it seems like these numbers would change over time just as the body weight, bmi, and body fat numbers do.

  4. I’d like to know how the scale figures out these other numbers beyond weight. Just by standing on it. Usually BMI relates weight to height. It surely does not know my height. But all in all I find it a good product and my wife and I both use it without problems. She is U1 and I am U2.

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