Polar Loop 2 Activity Tracker Review

The Polar loop 2 is a wearable activity tracker from the Finnish company Polar that is well known for its line of sports watches, heart rate sensors and activity trackers.

Polar loop 2 activity tracker showing a call on its lcd screen

The Polar loop 2 is a stylish activity tracker that constantly tracks your every activity and monitors your sleeping patterns too.

Loop 2 is your buddy trainer that motivates you to live healthy and better life.

The well researched and clever design and features of the polar Loop 2 make it one of the best activity trackers around.

With the help of the Polar Flow Software available for Android, iOS and Windows, you can easily plan your activity levels and even target goals that you want to achieve with a little bit of motivation. The Polar Loop 2 comes in three different colors in Sorbet Pink, Powder White and Smoky Black.

Daily Activity Goal Tracking

The personalized daily activity goal is one of the flagship features of the Polar Loop 2 activity tracker.

Your daily goal can be customized according to your abilities and needs, you are able to select the activity level of your choice and you are also provided with an amazing guidance and motivational information on how to reach the activity goal daily.

Once the goal is set, the Loop 2 will track your every activity throughout the day , the activity bar will fill based on this activity and in case you need it, you will also be advised on other activities to help you reach your goal with ease.

Pink version of polar's activity tracker 2

The coolest part is that you are not only provided with the different activities options, but also with the timings needed in order to reach your daily goals.

Activities are also broken down into different intensity levels and here is needless to say that the more active you stay or the greater intensity you stay active with, the faster you will get to achieve your goals.

The Loop 2 offers great motivational advises to help you on the way of reaching the daily goal and here it is important to really set your goals according to your needs and abilities, otherwise the 20 min walk that the Loop 2 will rush you to can seem like a little nagging if you haven’t set your goals right.

Polar Flow App

The Polar Loop 2 would only show you a glimpse on the data, but if you need more comprehensive and detailed information on the data provided by the tracker, then Polar Flow application comes to your rescue.

Polar flow Iphone app home screen

One can access the polar flow application on their mobile phones, tablets and PCs. Polar loop 2 is supported by Android, iOS and Windows.

Third party integration support is also provided, so you can link the software with other apps like MyFitnessPal, Apple Health and Google Fit platforms too.


Installation is a breeze and once the app is downloaded, you can easily sync the app with your Loop 2. The Polar Flow application provides you with loads and loads of information and features.

You can also add to the combination a heart rate tracker or really get yourself emerged into the world of active and happy people who are conscious not only about their activity, but their eating habits as well by connecting your Polar App to a MyFitnessPal account.

The Activity Feed will tell you about how active you were during the day and you can also take activity reports month-wise / year-wise etc.


You can also get a detailed information with the number of hours you were active or inactive, the sleeping times and other detailed data that is important to have and analyze on your way to achieving a healthier lifestyle.

Overall the Polar Flow application is a great addition to the activity tracker in providing detailed analysis of your activity and also lots of motivational information to reach your set goals with a lot of ease.

Main features

  • The second version of Polar’s loop activity tracker definitely motivates you to a great extent in reaching your preconfigured daily goals by tracking all your activity.
  • Long-time of inactivity is notified in the form of vibrating alerts, so that it makes sure to keep you moving all day
  • Monitors your sleeping time and sleeping patterns
  • Can be integrated with the H7 Heart rate sensor for monitoring your heart rate continuously
  • When synced with the advanced and informative polar flow application, you can receive constant alerts and motivation to achieve all your fitness goals
  • The Energy Pointer is a great feature that informs you whether the activity you are performing is either for burning calories or for improving your fitness
  • Activity Guide shows you exactly how many hours you were active and how many hours inactive and provides valuable information on how to achieve the goal for the next day
  • Smart Calories helps you in identifying the amount of calories burnt during the day

Customer Reviews and Scores

On Amazon, at the time of publishing this review we can see more than a hundred reviews for the polar loop 2 activity tracker. The average score for the Loop 2 activity tracker is 3.7 out of 5.

Over 50% of the reviewers have rated the product positively and just 14% have given a 1 star rating to the Loop 2.

Polar loop 2 white color

Some of the disadvantages or flaws reported by customers are concerning the battery life, syncing the loop 2 with your mobile phone and the wrist clasp to the hand being not that strong.

Of course, no product is perfect and able to satisfy everyone’s needs, but the Loop 2 is still a great competitor, packed with great features gathered in a smart and comfortable design.

Overall Opinion

The Polar Loop 2 Activity tracker is a solid update to its previous model and it offers great quality at affordable price.

Of course, it can be improved and it would have been great to have a heart rate monitor integrated, but with the help of the Polar Flow App, you can actually turn the Loop 2 into a great companion on your way to reaching your goals on the way to leading healthier and happier life.

Girls doing cardio training with a polar loop 2 tracker on their wrist

It is one of the most accurate activity trackers available and not only that it will help you in reaching your goals to get fitter, but also is comfortable, stylish and looks great on every type of hand.

Overall, the Loop 2 is a solid product that will last you and be your companion and support on your way to a healthy new beginning.

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  1. Thanks for this breakdown and the honest review. I was wondering about this device and I honestly thought it was only for iPhones. That is something I don’t currently have. Knowing it is for Android as well means I can get one! I work in an office all day so being able to track my sitting to make sure I am not doing it too much will be a HUGE help. I tried using an alarm on my phone but it doesn’t always work. The only downside is the battery for me but I can likely just charge it at work. I would imagine I can do the same in the car. Here is to a healthy 2017!!

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