Man bracing his arms

Starving Yourself and Shedding Belly Fat

Man bracing his arms

Belly fat is one of the increasingly annoying issues many people face concerning their looks. Aside from the discomfort it brings, it also threatens your health. Your stomach just seems to keep increasing, no matter how much you try to flatten it. For ladies that their big tummy cannot allow them to fit into their favorite clothes or look like their favorite Instagram model, it can be depressing.

Most guys would not mind the protruding tummy, but some do not want it. At least, it is easy to get any girl interested in them with their six-packs. So, it becomes a struggle for both genders. You find yourself registering for many weight-loss programs, trying several weight-loss diets, going to the gym, or even starting a workout routine following the guide on YouTube. Yet, after all of these, you are not making any headway. Your tummy is still protruding, and just as you are about to dive right back to Google to search for “How to lose belly fat,” a thought comes to you. You begin to ponder if not eating at all will make the belly fat go away. Your heart then skips a beat out of excitement, and you conclude that it is the only way out.

But you see, starving oneself has never been the best way to shed body fat. Starvation and losing weight are two different things. When you deprive yourself of food, you are only torturing your body and denying it the necessary nutrients. It will not help you gain the flat tummy or six-pack abs that you crave.

Technically, your body needs food to survive. Food gives you the strength to carry out the task for the day. You can never function properly with an empty tummy. Of course, it is possible to starve, but there are many side effects, as they say, “you cannot rob Peter to pay Paul.” Below are some of the side effects of starving to lose belly fat.

  • Malnutrition: According to the World Health Organization, a person becomes malnourished when they lack, have excess, or a disproportion of specific nutrients. When you starve, you reduce or take away the essential nutrients that your body needs to function optimally. It even goes as far as washing away the present nutrients in the body, and you end up looking weak and malnourished.
  • Low Energy: Because your body lacks enough nutrients to function, you will lack energy. You will have zero strength to do anything and end up being less productive during the day.
  • Dehydration: While starving, your body lacks food and nutrients, leading to minimal water intake as the tendency to drink the optimum amount needed by your organs reduces. It leaves you dehydrated, which will lead to other problems like constipation, low blood pressure, and dry skin. So, even if you are on a “starvation diet,” make sure you drink as much water as possible.
  • Low Metabolism Rate: When you starve just because you are desperate to shed some fat, your body will adjust quite all right. But this adjustment is never a good one, as your organs will switch to survival mode. What this means is that instead of burning fat using the energy gotten from the food intake, your body senses that there is a shortage and will automatically slow down the metabolism rate. It starts preserving fat instead of burning them.
  • Weight Gain: When you decide to start starving yourself just because you crave for a flat tummy, remember that you will not do it forever. A time will come when you will dive right back to eating. During your starvation period, your metabolism rate will reduce. And when you finally start eating, your body will automatically store up used fat. So, you will end up gaining more weight.
  • Altered Menstruation Patterns: Starving your body causes many problems, and for ladies, altered menstruation patterns are one of them. So, you might want to consider this side effect before switching to starvation mode. Many cells will start shrinking because of starvation, leading to low estrogen levels, the female hormone responsible for a regular menstrual cycle. How will your menstruation and ovulation be possible when the hormone that controls everything is in short supply or even unavailable?
  • Memory Loss: Starvation might lead to loss of memory. Aside from making you fatigued, it can affect cognitive functioning, and make you forget things easily.
  • Low Blood Pressure: When you continue starving for prolonged periods, you may develop low blood pressure as your body lacks food and water.

While looking to shed that belly fat, starvation is never the answer. There are better ways to lose that annoying belly fat without having to starve or follow an unhealthy path.

If you want to lose your belly fat, here are the things you should do instead.

First, understand that you cannot rush things. Burning belly fat is indeed like shedding fat from another part of the body, but the only difference is that it has more beta cells, which takes much longer to burn. It is a slow process, regardless of what some fitness influencers on the internet may lead you to believe. Once you understand this, it will save you the frustration that will come when you do not see any result within a few weeks of your workout or diet plan. Remember the saying, “slow and steady wins the race.” So, try to take it one step at a time.

One way you can also lose that stomach fat is by reducing the amount of food you eat each day and spreading your meals through the day. Your body will find it more challenging to break down a heavy meal that contains plenty of calories. So, instead of eating plenty at once, split the food into smaller portions and spread it throughout the day. Aside from keeping your metabolism active, this simple act will also help control the number of calories you take.

You can lose your belly fat by reducing carbs intake and replacing it with protein. Carbs contain more calories and push your body to store more fat. So, instead of shedding weight, you end up adding more. Protein, on the other hand, increases metabolism, which is very helpful in weight management. Besides that, it contains fiber, which will be filling for a longer time, meaning you will not eat frequently. So, if you want to shed that belly fat, reduce your carbs consumption and replace it with healthy food like vegetables, protein, and the likes.

Alcohol and sugar might benefit your body, but it is advised that you reduce the intake to avoid developing excess belly fat. Taking plenty of alcoholic and carbonated drinks is mostly the cause of belly fat. That is why most men who take plenty of alcohol end up having a potbelly. You should instead consider drinking enough water, as often as possible.

You cannot be looking to reduce your belly fat and yet eat as though your life depends on it. Keep track of the amount of food you eat. Weight loss formulas are created to ensure that you use more energy than you consume. So, once you start eating less and burning more calories, that belly fat will reduce.

You cannot think about reducing your belly fat without including exercise. It is one of the magic pills for a healthy lifestyle. That is why starvation is not an option if you want a flat tummy. You need the energy to work out, and you cannot get it on an empty stomach. So, endeavor to eat appropriately, take in those nutrients, and burn the excess calories.

If you need a faster result in your flat tummy journey, you should work out every day. Do more aerobic exercises, and if you have limited time, try to increase your daily physical activities. Cultivate a healthy lifestyle that will place you on the right path to having your dream abs.

Some essential tools needed in this weight loss journey are enumerated below. It is vital to have these products if you need a faster result.


#1 Toplus Yoga mat

Since you are working on your belly, you will be doing many ab workouts like sit-ups, crunches, and pushups, among others. Using a yoga mat for these exercises will give you more comfort, prevent you from injury, and improve your balance. You can use it on any floor, whether it is wood, tiled, or concrete. It will not slip. With a yoga mat, you get to perform your routine workouts anywhere – whether at home, the gym, or your favorite outdoor spot. It is easy to carry around. Moreover, it is more hygienic to use your yoga mat, especially if you are the kind of person that loves going to the gym.


  • Eco-friendly material
  • Anti-skid design
  • Lightweight and portable
  • Alignment system for proper body alignment during a workout routine


  • It gets stained quickly


#2 Yamay Fitness tracker

This item is also another tool you should have. A fitness tracker is a device specifically designed to measure or track how active you are throughout the day. Aside from tracking your workouts, it also tracks your food and water intake. Remember, dieting is as important as a workout when trying to shed your belly fat. With a fitness tracker, you will always be motivated to get up every morning for workouts. The device is designed in such a way that you can track your progress. How many steps taken, how long you have been active, and the calories burned. Seeing your results every day will no doubt keep on your feet. Similar to this one, you can check Letscom fitness tracker too.


  • Waterproof
  • Sleek design
  • Extended battery life
  • Cost-effective


  • Heart rate data may be inaccurate

#3 Work Out Shoes


Remember that the journey to reduce your belly fat will be a long and hard one. So, you need the right shoes for it. Whether you are working out at the gym, outdoor, or at the comfort of your home, wearing a pair of workout shoes will make you more comfortable. They will make your feet feel great. In addition to that, they will also protect your feet and ankle from injuries. Your workout sessions will be a more comfortable and pleasant experience. It will improve your performance as well. Ensure that you invest in quality shoes, as low-quality models are as good as not having one at all.
There are workout shoes for men and women.


  • Breathable and long-lasting design
  • Lightweight and comfortable
  • Perfect fit
  • Easy to clean


  • It may take some time to break-in

#4 NewMe Fitness Food journal

A food journal will help you keep track of what you take into your body while you try to detect the source of the unwanted calories. There are enough pages for you to track your feeding habit for several months. Aside from that, it has a sturdy binding, lasts long, and is a portable companion for you to carry to any destination. If you are hitting the gym or working out from home comfort, a food journal will surely hasten up your progress. It also allows you to record your activity and monitor your progress every step of the way. Developed by fitness experts, this journal will help you turn a blind eye to extra calories and carbs.


  • Several pages
  • Specifically designed with your needs in mind
  • Thick laminated cover to safeguard against liquid spills
  • Sturdy binding for enhanced durability


  • Some products come with pages bound upside down

#5 Resistance bands

Resistance bands are perfect for people who will prefer to work out from their homes or on the go. Since your primary target is your tummy, these bands will be helpful during squats, bridges, or banded walks. They can also be used in other exercises and helps you exercise your whole body. Your safety is guaranteed using it, as no additional equipment is required.


  • Three different size options
  • Slip-resistant elasticated fabric
  • Safe and usable on the go
  • Easy to clean


  • It does not offer enough resistance for some users


Now, you know that starvation is not the best way to lose belly fat, remember that maintaining a healthy weight is a lifelong journey. So, do not rush or push yourself too hard as your body may not handle it well. Take it one step at a time, and see your annoying protruding tummy develop the abs that you desire.

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