things help burn body fat

4 Alternative And Sly Things Guaranteed To Burn Body Fat

things help burn body fat

Updated March 2021

Want to know how to burn body fat? There are many things that help burn body fat. Some are simple; others are so complex you will probably feel quite lost. Let’s stick with the simple and lose pounds without any drama.

You’re probably being advised to stick to the tried and tested ways to lose weight: diet and pumping weights. While you’ve likely heard about “the study that found this or that about the benefits of eating in front of the mirror,” banishing belly bulge requires a more realistic approach. So, let’s get real.

These four lifestyle tricks will have you slimming down in no time at all. And best of all, you’ll keep the weight off.

1. Cheat Wisely

What do you mean cheat wisely? Cheating is cheating, isn’t it?

Woman eating a biscuit

Here’s the thing: not all cheats were created equally, as this woman proved. She ate one dessert every day and lost five pounds in a week! Sound impossible?

It has nothing to do with the dessert at all; it is rather about the other treats she denied herself so she could have that serving of dessert.

If you often drink sugary soda, eat junk food, and have pastries on a regular basis, you could have been actively overloading your system with bad stuff. The lesser of these evils is to eat only one cheat food a day instead of splurging the whole day through. With only one treat per day instead of constant snacking, you can lose weight.

Your beliefs craft your reality—and your body.

Cheating wisely is a smart strategy to trick yourself into eating more of the good stuff that will help you burn more fat.

Another strategy that will actually speed up your metabolism and accelerate fat burn is to schedule one cheat meal every week. You can read more about this strategy here.

2. Hit YouTube 5 Days A Week

You know that exercising would do wonderful things for your body, but somehow you just can’t seem to get around to it. Maybe you quite enjoy working out, but you can’t find enough time to do it?

Whether you’re a workaholic or a procrastinator, it’s time to stop beating yourself up and shift gears a bit. You can learn how to burn body fat by following online channels with quick workouts that actually work.

You don’t have to force yourself to commit to hours upon hours of workouts every week to reap the fat-burning benefits of exercising. In fact, you don’t even need to hit the gym. Besides, when you think about it, going to the gym three times a week will probably never turn into a habit.

Consistently doing something makes for creating a habit, but it takes time. Lots of time. And when it’s no fun, it’s not going to run! We are our habits. And if you want to be fit, you have to make fitness your habit.

The easiest way to make fitness a habit is to turn to YouTube. You will find a wealth of home workouts ranging from three to 60 minutes, with upbeat hosts and great music to get you inspired and moving.

Our friends at Allblanc TV focus on quick yet super effective workouts, like this no-gym, full-body workout that takes just five minutes. Try it! And if you love the burn, make sure to subscribe to their YouTube channel.

Ultimately, if you work out five to 10 minutes a day and show up from Monday through Friday, you will see results.

Now, I know what some of you might be thinking: Working out for five minutes burns almost no calories. You’re a fool! How can this be a surefire way to burn body fat?

Truth is, when working out consistently, it will lead to something much more important than how many calories you’ll burn—you’ll have formed a new, efficient, and quick habit that’s fun too. Importantly, it’s not just any habit; it’s a keystone habit.

Charles Duhigg, author of “The Power of Habit,” believes that a keystone habit can spark “chain reactions that help other good habits take hold.” This means that once you’ve acquired the habit of working out, suddenly acquiring other fat-burning habits (like eating five portions of vegetables every day) becomes so much easier.

And by acquiring healthy habits, you are paving the way to having the body of your dreams. Take that, naysayers!

3. Don’t Diet

If you want to gain weight, go on a diet.

dont diet

Dieting almost never works (unless you go radical and try something like the ketogenic diet). Heck, studies show that dieting is now a predictor of future weight gain.

A simple yet effective way to burn body fat with your regular level of food consumption is to increase the amount of fruits and vegetables you eat every day. But the trends show that only one in 10 people in America eats enough fruits and vegetables.

I get it: A muffin tastes better than a carrot … but flat abs are sexier than a big belly.

To banish belly fat, give up searching for the best diet of the year. Instead, come up with a simple plan with the goal of eating more fruits and vegetables. If you currently eat an average of two or three portions of fruits and vegetables a day, set yourself a goal to increase that to four or five portions.

Over time, it will pay off.

4. Track Like A Maniac!

You can’t manage what you don’t measure.

track like a maniac image

And you can’t fool yourself when you’re monitoring yourself. You will know if you are lying.

Want to increase your daily step count? Then wear a pedometer.

Do you want to increase your consumption of fruits and vegetables? Then, before you go to bed at night, write down how many fruits and vegetables you ate during the day.

Would you like to get the numbers on the scale to take a nosedive? Then jump on the scale at least once a week. Keeping track of what you do (and don’t do) is a sure way to hold yourself accountable and make real and trackable progress toward your weight goals.

Sometimes our intentions don’t become actions and that’s normal. But if you want to guarantee fat loss, your intentions NEED to turn into actions.

Alternatives To Guarantee Body Fat Reduction FAQs

How Can I Lose Weight Without Even Trying?

There are a range of techniques to lose weight, including cheating wisely, doing short and powerful workouts by following YouTube channels, changing your restrictive diet to one with a more-fruits-and-veggies rule, and tracking yourself for accountability.

What Is The Best And Simplest Way To Lose Body Fat?

The simplest way to lose body fat is to drink water. Drink a glass of water half an hour before your meal and you will reduce hunger cravings, limit the chances of overeating, and feel fuller for longer. Water is also great for helping your body detox and operate better.

What Fruit Stops Weight Gain?

Bananas are an excellent source of protein, which nourishes muscles while burning up fat stores. With only 105 calories per small banana, it’s a great way to maintain a negative energy balance.

The Final Guarantee

There you have it: four tested and proven ways to burn body fat. Even though it’s a short list, the effects of these strategies can be pretty amazing, but the challenge can be overwhelming.

I get it. We’re not simply talking about drinking more water here. These steps can be quite intimidating, so if you feel compelled to try and sustain only one of these techniques, that’s awesome. Every journey starts with a step, even if that journey is a thousand steps (you can ask your Apple Watch to check it for you later).

Have you made amazing progress in your weight management routine with an unusual technique? Please share it in the comments below.

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