gorilla bow review

Gorilla Bow Review: The Best Portable Gym Item Is Here

gorilla bow review

Exercising from home has gained popularity lately as more people opt out of going to gyms and instead set up a mini-home gym to reach their fitness goals. Choosing the right equipment is easier as we review the Gorilla Bow for you.

When you are setting up your workout area at home, you should be choosing versatile pieces of equipment to get the most out of each item while also being able to train various areas of your body.

If you have your eyes set on machine equipment and you are looking for affordable items to add to your equipment, the Gorilla Bow is the perfect addition as it offers you an adaptable resistance workout for your exercise routine.

This straightforward item is good enough for the expert fitness enthusiast, easy-to-use, and adapts for any beginner just starting their fitness journey.

If you are working out from home, you should aim to change up your workouts enough to work your body using both cardio exercises as well as strength/resistance training.

This resistance band set-up offers more than simple resistance bands and allows you to train all areas of your body.

The Full Gorilla Fitness Review

The Gorilla Bow home-gym equipment has so much to offer, but before we get stretching, let’s see why you should choose this durable piece of equipment.

The Full Gorilla Fitness Review


You can choose from three reliable variations of the Gorilla Bow, yet you will be getting the same standard of workouts from all three sets. These durable bands are made from top-quality latex to reduce the risk of the straps snapping during your workout.

The bar is crafted from aircraft-grade aluminum to give you the ultimate strength training accessory. It is guaranteed to withstand heavy lifting so you can enjoy stress-free workouts with the heaviest band available in the sets.

The Gorilla Bow comes in three different bow types: the original Gorilla, the lite Gorilla, and the portable Gorilla. Each is designed to offer you a full workout using the design of an ancient weapon along with modern resistance band technology.

The difference between the three bows is the weight capacity, starting at 120 lbs for the lite bow, which comes with three resistance bands, 300 lbs for the original bow, and 350 lbs for the portable bow with the last two each equipped with four resistance bands.

The resistance bands offer various resistance levels, giving you the opportunity to seamlessly change up the intensity of your workouts while you switch between muscle groups and weight variation.

Here are the pros and cons for all the Gorilla Bow options:


  • Full-body conditioning
  • Aircraft-grade aluminum
  • Portable
  • 120 lbs to 350 lbs resistance


  • Limited resistance range
  • There is minimal tension at the bottom of reps like squats
The bow is great for changing up your resistance levels, but if you are looking for higher resistance, you may need to find stronger bands. However, the Gorilla Bow gives you enough resistance to use with other strength training exercises.

Key Features Of The Gorilla Fitness Bow Review

This bow stands above the rest because of the sleek and modern design of this product. The key features of all the bow options offer you exactly what you need for your strength training:

  • Made of lightweight yet durable material
  • Ancient weapon design with modern tweaks
  • Versatile and adaptable options
  • Up to 350 lbs of resistance weight
  • Portable for gyming anywhere

There are many good elements of the Gorilla Bow; however, two of my favorite features are its portability and adjustability. You can take this compact bow with you anywhere and adjust the resistance levels up to 350 lbs of resistance.

This reduces your need for bulky and expensive weight lifting machines and gives you a piece of equipment that is portable, so take it with you even if you are traveling and want to keep your workout routine going.

The steel bar reduces the chance of bands snapping. It gives you the opportunity to switch up your workout and train all of your major muscle groups with its variety of exercise opportunities.

You are probably ready to go out and buy your bow now; however, there are a few more benefits to help you make your decision.

Why You Should Buy The Gorilla Bow

Purchasing this modern-designed bow offers more than just a good workout; the benefits of choosing this bow go beyond the strong design and adaptable features.


A lot of weight training equipment is heavy and bulky, making it difficult to have too many strength training items in your home. The large equipment also makes it hard to take your gym equipment with you when you travel.

The bow is designed to be both lightweight and durable since it is made with quality-grade aluminum. This allows you to carry your workout with you anywhere.

The portable bow option is easy to take apart to make it even easier to fit in your luggage bag.

30-Day Return Policy

While it is unlikely that you will be unsatisfied with your purchase, the Gorilla Bow is refundable for 30 days after purchase. If you have any issues with your product, you can enjoy hassle-free returns within the time period.

Full-Body Workout

Instead of looking to buy multiple products for your home gym workouts, you can work out all your muscle groups with just one item. The bow gives you the freedom to alternate your workouts between the muscle groups.


The bow is designed for anyone to use from children up to adults and senior citizens. The easy-to-use functioning means anyone can try out the bow and enjoy an effective workout.

The Gorilla Community

The bow doesn’t come with set workouts for you to try but you can get inspiration and try out numerous workouts from their workout videos, which gives you a full range of exercises for shoulders, chest, arms, back, core, and legs.

If you want a more in-depth training plan, as well as training guidance while using your new gyming product, you can join the community with live and on-demand training sessions.

Find inspiration and motivation in the community full of fitness enthusiasts. You will have access to certified strength and conditioning trainers at any time and full access to the entire library of workouts.

You will be able to easily reach your fitness goals with a great community to support you and the added benefits of health, nutrition, and wellness advice and tips from experts who are ready to help you.

Join the community today and gain full access to all these benefits and more. If you would like a trial of the membership area, you can try out the 7-day free trial.

Purchasing a bow and signing up to join the community means you have access to:

  • Certified trainers
  • Versatile training
  • Compact equipment
  • Portable workouts
  • 24/7 access to workout classes
  • Coaches on call to guide you
  • Expert tips from certified professionals

Cost And Where To Buy The Gorilla Bow

While your general sports stores may have the Gorilla Bow in stock, you can always find the product on the Gorilla website or you can purchase all the Gorilla Bow options from Amazon.

Cost And Where To Buy The Gorilla Bow


On the original site, the Original Gorilla Bow sells for $199, the Lite bow costs $119, and the Travel bow is the most expensive at $249 (at the time of writing). These prices are all at the basic bundle that includes four resistance bands, an accessory case, a brand wrap, and spring-clasp cord lock.

There is a 30-day return policy on all the Gorilla products so if you are not satisfied with your product, you can simply follow the refund instructions on the site you purchased it from.

The Gorilla Bow Review FAQs

Can You Build Muscle With The Gorilla Bow?

In short, yes, you can. Resistance training is highly effective in helping you build muscle. Whenever you apply a good amount of resistance to your muscles, it works to break down the muscles from the efforts of resisting.

This muscle breakdown is known as hypertrophy and, once your body is in recovery, it works to build the muscle back up again. When the muscles are rebuilding, they add more muscle cells, which help to grow your muscles.

Are Weights Better Than Resistance Bands?

Resistance bands can replace your usual weights in your workout and provide you with a similar amount of muscle growth. Both weights and resistance bands can provide you with adequate training to help grow your muscles.

Each has pros and cons. While weights enable you to increase the weight as much as possible, resistance bands give you the same level of resistance unless you change the band. Resistance bands are better in that they provide you with constant tension through the exercise while weights cannot.

Do Resistance Bands Help Burn Fat?

Adding resistance bands to your usual weight loss training can help you lose weight effectively. Resistance bands aim to build your muscles, which provides a knock-on effect of helping your body lose weight.

This weight loss is due to the increased calorie burn that happens while you are building muscles. Using resistance bands in strength training helps your body continue to burn fat after the workout as the body is actively working to recover.

Before You Get Resisting!

Adding an element of resistance training to your workout routines is highly effective to help you build muscle and lose weight. No matter what your goal is with your training, you can find a way to include resistance bands in your regime.

In addition to building up your fitness and strength, these bands can also help you with active recovery and rehabilitation. Any form of resistance bands are great to have in your home gym, and ones that offer more versatility should be your top choice.

Losing weight and getting fit relies on good nutrition, a strong mindset, and proper training routines. Adding the Gorilla Bow products to your home gym equipment gives you a new dynamic of fitness training.

You can take your bow with you almost anywhere to fit in workouts even when you are on-the-go. The durable materials and variety of resistance weights allow you and your entire family to get the most out of the bow.

Consider signing up to the community to give yourself inspiration, motivation, and continuous guidance through your training and weight loss journey. Resisting against weak muscles and weight gain starts with you, and the Gorilla Fitness Bow.

Do you have any experience with the Gorilla Bow? Please share with us in the comments section below.

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