Man using a body fat scanner on his abs

Skulpt Chisel Review – The most accurate body fat analyzer

Man using a body fat scanner on his abs

If you’re working on conditioning and fitness, you already know that the scale is a poor measure of your progress.

You can be replacing fat with muscle (which weighs more than fat) and your scale will only show the gained weight.

Skulpt body fat scanner

It doesn’t tell you whether you are getting fitter and leaner and more muscled!

What you need to measure your fitness is a scanner that can measure your actual body fat and musculature.

That’s where the Skulpt Chisel scanner comes in! Here is our full review

Key features & Specifications

The Skulpt Chisel scanner is the only personal device on the market that performs the function equivalent to a DEXA or hydrostatic weighing.

You don’t need a doctor’s appointment to get the measurements with the scanner, and it “weighs in” (pun intended) within two percent accuracy as compared to other gold standard weight-measurement tools.

In addition to accurately assessing your muscle mass and body fat percentage, the Skulpt Chisel also assesses the muscle mass of twenty-four major muscle groups and displays the results on a graphic, representing your body and showing those muscle groups.

Woman using a skulpt chisel scanner

It also Accurately assesses two dozen muscle groups to identify changes in muscle mass, as well as asymmetries or imbalances in muscle development. Accurately measures percentage of body fat, using measurements from multiple areas of the body.

Tracks development of muscle groups for targeted training and tailored guidance of fitness programs.

Syncs wirelessly with Apple and Android devices using Bluetooth wireless. Fully integrates with Apple Health app. Water resistant module can be used conveniently and privately, without the need for a doctor’s appointment or professional assessment.

Its compact and portable module measures seven by nine and a half inches, and two inches thick, and weighs less than a pound. USB charging dock are included as part of the package and ships with the module.

The dock itself uses contact points rather than a port, keeping the module water-safe.

Key Feature: Body fat Scanner with high Accuracy

No doubt the most important key feature of the Skulpt Chisel is the accuracy of the scan.

When it comes to measuring your body fat and muscle mass, there are only a handful of options, and only two of those that you can actually do at home.

The absolute standard for measuring body fat and muscle is called hydrostatic weighing, which involves submersion in a specialized tank that measures your body volume as well as weight.

This is important to note because muscle has lower volume and higher weight than fat—meaning that you can have a very fit person and a very fat person have the same height and weight.

That’s why it’s important to make the distinction between fats and muscles in your measurements; simple weight isn’t sufficient to assess your fitness!

Skulpt smartphone app IOS

The other measurement that can be performed by a doctor is a set of measurements with skin-fold calipers, which pinch and measure loose skin. Interpreting these measurements (not to mention making them) requires a professional, which means you have to pay for the results every time.

The only two ways to measure yourself at home are with the Skulpt Chisel or a bio-impedance scale.

The most accurate scales can cost as much as seven hundred dollars, and its accuracy can vary by as much as ten percent.

By contrast, the Skulpt Chisel offers more information, more detailed measurements, an accuracy that varies by no more than 2%, and a price tag of only $99.

That’s a no-brainer!

Online Customer Reviews and Scores

At the time of publishing this post, Amazon users rate the Skulpt Chisel higher than three and a half stars, with more than half of users giving it the full five stars.

User comments and reviews show that the Chisel is easy to use, accurate, and consistent.

It’s easy to pair with a smart phone or screened device, and provides useful statistics and information.

Man using a body fat scanner on his abs

Among the customers who expressed some frustration with the unit, the most common comments referenced usage issues, meaning they ran into some kind of difficulty in taking their measurements or accessing their results.

These appear to be “learning curve” issues, which could easily be addressed by availing yourself the tech support option.

As another user put it: “I’m not sure how it is that people have had issues; this is super simple to use.”

Frequently Asked Questions

Q. Can I use the Skulpt Chisel without an Apple or Android device?

No, you need a screened device like a smart phone or tablet in order to fully use the scanner.

The earlier model (Skulpt Aim) had an integrated screen, so that’s an option if you’re one of the few people who don’t own a smart phone.

Q. What other differences or improvements does the Chisel feature, compared to the earlier Aim?

The lack of screen on the Chisel means the battery life lasts much longer.

It also has an improved Bluetooth function for integration with your mobile device, and a new lithium ion battery. Altogether, both hardware and software has been improved in the Sklupt Scanner.

Q. Do I need special training to use the Skulpt Chisel effectively?

No, you can use the Chisel easily at home. It is a very sensitive device, so it may take a little getting used to when you first start out, but Skulpt offers tech support around the clock to help you get going if you have questions.

Q. Can multiple people use the Skulpt Chisel, or do we each need to get our own?

You can use the Skulpt Chisel with as many people as you’d like.

To track one specific person’s progress, simply pair the Chisel with their own phone, then scan and save the resulting data each time they use it.

The Chisel also offers a Guest Mode, which allows you to scan and email the results to your guest.

Wrapping it up: Should you Buy it?

In Conclusion When it comes to measuring and tracking your muscle development and body fat, there is literally no other device on the market that accomplishes what the Skulpt Chisel does.

Short of visiting your doctor for that “gold standard” hydrostatic weigh-in, there is no more accurate way to measure your fitness progress.

And certainly there is no more cost-effective or easy way to do it! With its price tag of just $99 dollars, you can’t go wrong with the Skulpt Chisel—it’s the best investment you could make in your own physical fitness!


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