Muscle Vs Body Fat Weight


So, you’re interested in trimming down the pounds and gaining some muscle. Here are some things you need to know about your body’s fat and muscle content.

Does Muscle Weigh More than Fat?

Have you heard people saying that a pound of muscle can weigh more than a pound of fat?

Well, this is obviously false. However, a pound of fat takes up four times the space a pound of muscle does


When your muscles shrink while you gain fat, there’s a chance you could even weigh the same but look heavier.

Muscles don’t weigh more than fat, but they occupy less space in your body. Too much fat can lead to all kinds of disorders and conditions in both men and women, so keep your body fat down!

The Different Types of Body Fat

Brown fat – This is one of the “good” fat types. Brown fat is found in the back of your neck and is your body’s way of turning your food into heat for survival in cold climates.

Beige fat – another “good” fat type. It is neutral in color and is usually mixed with other types of fat. It is found near the spine.

White fat – this is a “bad” fat to have. It is found in large quantities in your body. While brown fat burns energy, white fat stores it. This fat is found in two regions as two different types. Subcutaneous fat lies right under the surface of your skin.

Visceral fat is the other type of white fat. This is stored deep inside your body, wrapped around your organs. Visceral fat is one of the most dangerous types because any blood flowing through it is dumped into the liver.

Muscle Mass

Muscle mass is a total number. It is the sum of the weight of your muscles. These include all types of muscles and their water content.

How to Calculate Body Fat Percentage

  1. Visually – Compare your figure to a list of pictures of people’s bodies with different body fat content.
  2. Calipers – Pull your fat away and pinch it with the calipers to take a measurement. Use multiple sites around your body and get an average. Compare it to a body fat chart.
  3. Measurements – Measure your waist, hips, and bust. Use these in a formula to calculate body fat percentage.
  4. Body fat Scales – using an electric current to measure resistance in your body, your body fat percentage can be computed.
    We reviewed the best body fat scales on this website.
  5. Bod Pod – Uses displacement of air to calculate values for your fat level, volume, weight, and density.
  6. Water displacement – Extremely accurate, expensive method of testing your body fat percentage using Archimedes’ Principle.
  7. DEXA Scans – X-Rays of your body fat that can done at most healthcare facilities.

Here is a list of the top body fat analyzers, to measure your body fat in seconds at home:

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How to Calculate Muscle Mass

  1. Weigh yourself using a body fat measurement scale.
  2. Subtract this value from 100.
  3. Divide by 100.
  4. Multiply by total body weight (in lbs)

Get started measuring your body fat and muscle mass today to step into a world of better weight and health management.

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