Best fitness apps

3 Best Fitness Apps To Add To Your Regimen In 2021

Best fitness apps

Going to the gym and having your own personal trainer is a goal most of us only dream of. Between work, life, and the high price of a trainer, it simply becomes impossible to spring for the whole deal. Or is it?

With the right fitness app, you can manage your workout where and when you’re able with the best personal trainer app right there on your mobile device.

Best Fitness Apps Quick Links

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Rating & Price


  • 100% free download

  • Diverse personalized settings

  • Calorie tracking with heart rate monitor devices

  • Wide variety of workouts with celebrity trainers


FitTrack Health App

  • Uses Dara FitTrack Scale for accurate biometric data

  • Offers comprehensive data on sleep, mass, bone density, meal components, etc.

  • Personal health coach


Aaptiv App

  • 7-day free trial

  • Employer fitness tracker

  • Strong community spirit increases motivation


Review Of Best Fitness Apps Products

With a whole range of apps on the market for tracking and maintaining your fitness regimen, it’s not always easy knowing what to choose. In-app purchases can be a real motivation killer, and you won’t want to download something with hidden costs. But these three top fitness apps are simply brilliant.

1. Most Integrated Free Fitness App FitOn App

FitOn App

The best personal trainer app award has to go to FitOn, with a whole collection of celebrity fitness trainers ready to share their prerecorded fitness routines and workouts with you. Best of all, this app works with most fitness devices such as Fitbit and Apple Watches, to help you measure your calories burned and heart rate. It also helps boost your daily steps.

Key Features

  • 100% free downloads for the user, friends, and family
  • HIIT, cardio, yoga, pilates, strength, and toning workouts and more
  • No equipment required

This app calculates your calorie burn using your Fitbit, Samsung, or Apple watch to measure your heart rate. But even if you don’t have a device to measure your heart rate, you can use biometric data such as height, weight, level of fitness, etc. to estimate your calorie burn. This is a surefire way to combat obesity.


  • Work out anywhere at any time, no waiting for classes
  • No equipment needed except for your body
  • Diverse and supportive community


  • Choices can be somewhat overwhelming
  • Limited reminder features
  • Only 3 difficulty levels per class
Overall, this is a great app—and best of all, it’s free! With a supportive online community and challenges you can set for your family and friends, it makes for a fun download that will help you upload your desired goals in no time.

2. Most Scientific Fitness App FitTrack Health App

FitTrack Health App

If you ever wondered what is going on in your body (and why you are gaining weight), then this is the app for you. The FitTrack Health app works with the super scientific Dara scale, which measures everything in your body.

Key Features

  • Uses latest technology to gain biometric data
  • Allows you to create a tailor-made fitness regimen
  • Tracks improvements in performance and the meeting of goals

This app can literally tell you what you had for lunch, how you are feeling after a workout, and why you slept poorly last night. With advanced data gained from the Dara scale, it is truly unique. Calorie counting becomes truly simplified.


  • Highly accurate in designing a workout for your needs
  • Shows diverse range of parameters for your biometrics
  • Wide variety of workout routines for all your unique fitness and health needs


  • Requires the purchase of a Dara FitTrack scale, which can be costly
  • Water spills or moisture can cause readings to be inaccurate
  • Lacks integration with other health measuring devices like Fitbit
This is a great high-tech app and device, and while it is not fully integratable with your other devices, it is valuable to measure health, not just weight.

3. Best Community Fitness App Aaptiv App

Aaptiv App

With a free 7-day trial period, the Aaptiv app is a great fitness app to try out. While the cost per month after the free trial is somewhat high as apps go, it is a valuable app to explore, especially for employers who can use it to track employee fitness.

Key Features

  • Supportive online community
  • Wide range of workout routines with unlimited access
  • Expert trainers and music choices for workouts

This is a fun app to share with friends and family, though the cost will remain a factor. For employers, it offers a unique benefit to employees in the workplace who will be able to exercise when and how they want. Use it to foster team spirit and increase employee health, which is great news for health insurance purposes.


  • Easy to download
  • Existing online community to upload selfies and videos
  • Has employer discount packages to use for work


  • Immediate payment due after 7-day trial
  • Limited biometric tracking
  • Audio-based instructions can become prescriptive
While I really like this app, I don’t appreciate the price or the lack of connectivity with other biometric measuring devices, making weight loss tracking more difficult.

Buyers Guide For The Best Fitness Apps

When considering a range of fitness apps online, you want to download something where there are no surprises and what you get is worth the effort and data. Here are my top three considerations.


While it may seem silly, I want to download something that I won’t have to budget for. The FitOn app and the FitTrack Health app are both free to download, with no nasty surprises. Keeping in mind the FitTrack app is paired with the Dara scale, which does affect the total cost.

Ease Of Use

While I love fiddling on my smartphone as much as the next person, I don’t want to struggle with finding features in an app. I love the ease of use of the FitTrack Health app and also the Aaptiv App, which has sharing features to help keep my peeps in touch with what I am doing or where I am sweating on the block.


In a world where everything is connected, I want to know that when I download an app, I can translate data to other devices and get readings that are valuable.

The FitOn App allows for integration with other monitoring devices, and it allows you to link the app’s data to Apple Health and other health apps.

Final Download

Find the best app before you download and start fretting. It’s not much of a stretch to find the best type of app to meet your health and fitness needs when you keep price, ease of use, and connectivity in mind.

If you’ve ever used one of these fitness apps, please share your experience in the comments below.

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