Person stepping on a body fat analyzer

Accuracy of Body fat scales – how precise are bia analyzers?

Person stepping on a body fat analyzer

There are currently dozens of “body fat scales” on the market.

They use a new technology that is called “bioelectrical impedance” that measures how much body fat you have.


The newer devices send a small electrical current through your body, and as the muscles in your body conduct electricity better than fat, the greater resistance your body has to the charge, the more body fat you have.

The BIA analyzers or “smart scales” can be programmed to set the data based on your height,age,gender and weight, and they give you a reading that is normally based on the average person based on your attributes.

Most of the modern scales can be hooked up to a PC or App on your smartphone, so that you can keep track of your progress.

How precise are smart scales?

One of the main issues with a lot of smart scales is they are sometimes inaccurate, especially the cheaper options.

Other important factors can affect the results, these include, whether you have just ate, if you just exercised and even if you feet are clean!


Most models can give slightly different results depending on what type of surface you are placing the scales on, the harder the surface, the better the results is the normal practice.

Do you need a BIA Analyzer?

This is where the experts seem to disagree. There is no widely accepted standard range on the ideal body fat as various different things such as age and ethnicity give people different results.

According to most health experts, the healthy medium should be between 11 to 22 percent for middle aged men, 22 to 33 for middle aged women and 25 – 35 percent of an older aged woman and  15 – 25 for an elder gentleman. – see: ideal body fat

Researches have also proved that body-fat scales are really useful for logging the body fat changes over time, and this will certainly help to keep a person motivated and on track, especially for those looking to lose a little weight. You can check fitbit aria scale.


If you are looking to measure your body-fat via a BIA Analyzer, then we would advise on choosing and using the device wisely.

As already mentioned above, there are lots of ways to use the smart scale incorrectly and that will in-turn give you inaccurate results.

Many health experts agree that your bodies fat content isn’t that much of an issue, especially those not looking to lose weight, and keep fit on a daily basis. If you are looking to keep track of your results, then the body-fat scales really stands out, with the ability to upload your data to most devices, hassle free.

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