Tanita BC533 Glass Innerscan Body Composition Monitor review

The Tanita BC533 is a glass weight-scale and a body monitor rolled into one, that detects and logs nine separate body composition indicators.

You can measure general body fat percentage (BMI), visceral fat, water percentage, physique rating score, bone and muscle mass percentages and your metabolic age score.

The Tanita BC533 body fat scale is designed for users that take interest in their fitness or are on a weight-loss diet.

Real life use

This scale has everything you would need to track the effectiveness of your exercises and diets.

You can program the scale to store up to four user data profiles at anytime, and even retrieve previous scores if needed.


Once you have your data stored on the device, you can check how you compare to the average scores in your gender and age groups.

This is a great feature that will keep you focused on your goals.

The BC533 body composition monitor calculates the body measurements using a “BIA” or “Bioelectrical Impedance Analysis”.

This works by sending a tiny electrical signal that goes around the body and bases the conductibility of the body tissues and then calculates each of the nine body comparison measurements.

This way of measuring is totally safe and you will not feel any current passing through you if you are worried.

The scale weight limitation is up to 330 pounds and the scale can be set to an adult or child mode, giving you a better, more accurate reading.

It runs with four AA batteries and has a lovely, attractive, even futuristic design.

We found that the digital screen is large, so you will not have any difficulty seeing the results.

We would advise that you step on the scale platform with any socks or footwear to get a more accurate reading, and as with almost all scales, ensure you place it on a hard surface, preferably without any rug or carpet underneath.


Product specifications

  • Capacity – Pounds – 330 / Kilograms – 150
  • Increment – Pounds – 0.2 / Kilograms – 0.1
  • Batteries – AA x 4
  • Platform Size – Metric – 43.9cm x 43.9cm / Imperial – 13.4in x 13.4in

Overall review

Overall, the Tanita BC533 is a fantastic body composition analyzer. With the nine different monitoring settings there is something for everyone.

Whether you are an active trainer or someone just looking of off-load some extra pounds, this scale has everything you would need for not only the measurements, but also for motivational purposes.

You can look back at past results to see were you was and even compare yourself to other people in your gender or age ranges.

Considering the overall design and packaging, and accuracy of this product, we found it to be one of the best body fat analyzers on the market.

One thought on “Tanita BC533 Glass Innerscan Body Composition Monitor review”

  1. Received the Tanita BC533 as a gift for Christmas from my husband and I have got to say its the best present I ever received! It is so much more than just a run-of-mill weighing scale. It measures bony density and body age and I love these features and how to track them on my mobile.

    It is really easy to setup (if I can do it anyone can)! The scale also looks amazing in my bathroom. Overall I would rate this 10/10 as it works perfectly and there are no discrepancies with the results (as I measured myself straight after a visit to the docs with the exact same results.

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