Health and Fitness Student Scholarship

Are you a student who has a passion for staying fit, healthy and ready to go throughout the day?

Do you enjoy doing research on, and writing about, the world of fitness and its many complexities?


This might be the opportunity for you to get a scholarship for $1000 by writing about something you are truly passionate about.

BodyFatGenius is dedicated to inspiring a community of people with weight loss issues to work harder to better themselves over time.

This can only be done through dedication and perseverance.

To do this, you need motivation, which you, as a writer, can provide for the readers out there who need that extra kick to get started on themselves.

We don’t believe in letting you do things for free, though, which is why we have introduced this awesome $1000 scholarship award for the best article in the health, fitness, and weight loss category.


If you want to qualify for this, we ask that you satisfy some basic requirements:

  • Be a full time or part time undergraduate or postgraduate student at a college or university in the US
  • Have a passion for health, fitness and weight loss studies
  • Be in love with writing and helping others see your point of view through your words

While we don’t require you to be studying in the fields of health and fitness at your school, you should only apply for this scholarship if this niche is something you’re truly passionate about.

2017 Scholarships

  • Two (2) $1,000 scholarships will be awarded in 2017
  • Application Deadlines: March 1st and November 1st
  • 2017 awards will be announced on March 15th and November 15th

Apply for the scholarship now by writing your best 1000-word article about health, fitness and weight loss, and submitting it with your information using the form below.

May the best writer win! Remember that your words will influence thousands of readers all over the world as they see your article right here on Body Fat Genius!

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