What not to eat to lose Weight

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Although many nutritional experts claim that its unwise to deny yourself certain foods because avoiding a food that you really want will eventually lead to over indulging and eventual weight gain, some types of foods really deserve the ax if you are trying to trim, and here is what not to eat :

To support your weight loss efforts, avoid these foods to keep cravings at bay and to fend off hunger:

Fried Foods

Although whole potatoes, fish and chicken are filling and healthy, potato chips, French fries, fried fish and fried chicken are not.

Fried chicken wings in baskets

They are awash with calories and it is very easy to over eat them.

Frying adds more calories from the cooking oil used and breading can also add more. For instance a 3.5 ounce of friend chicken contains 192 calories while a 3.5 ounce of boiled chicken contains 172 calories.

You can avoid the extra calories by baking your chicken and fish instead of frying them. In fact research shows that fried foods contribute to weight gain more than any type other food on the planet. Hence it is best to go for broiled, steamed or baked dishes.

Refined Starches

Refined starches like white bread, pretzels and pastries do not quench your hunger pangs as much as whole grains do and this may make it very hard for anyone taking them to slim. What’s even worse is that they are very high on the glycemic index and can easily skyrocket your blood sugar levels.

High sugar pastry

Fortunately there are other healthy alternatives to refined starches. Swap your conventional cornflakes for oatmeal and white bread for whole wheat to enhance your waistline and satisfy your hunger.

Whole foods are also a great source of various important nutrients including minerals, vitamins and fiber.

Most Fruit Juices

Most of the fruits juices you see on the supermarket shelves have very little or nothing at all to do with whole fruits.

They are just highly processed chemicals with lots of sugar. In fact most of them contain as much calories and sugar as soda or even more. In addition, fruit juices usually don’t require chewing and are very low in fiber.

Orange juice on a table

This typically means that a full glass of pineapple juice will not have the same effect on your body as a pineapple, making it very easy for you to drink more in a very short time. So avoid fruit juices and go for whole fruits instead if you want to lose weight.

Foods High in Added Sugar

Added sugar is perhaps one of the most dangerous things in modern diet, and should really be at the top of this list of what not to eat to lose weight.

Foods high in added sugar have been linked to many serious diseases, they are awash with empty calories are not very filling.

Opened chocolate bar

Some foods that contain tons of added sugar include granola bars, breakfast cereals and flavored, low fat yogurt.

Also be very careful when choosing fat free or low fat foods because manufactures usually add more sugar to compensate for the lost flavor when excess fat is removed.

Final Word on what you should not eat

Keeping most of these foods out of your diet can be a daunting task, especially if you have been consuming them for several years.

That is why it is recommended that you start small. It is easier that way than completely changing your diet. Few changes here and there on your diet can have a very huge effect on your general health and body fat.

Also finding healthier alternatives for these types of foods will go a long way in helping your weight loss efforts.

Do you have other examples of “bad foods” ? Don’t hesitate to share in the comments bellow!

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