5 Tips to Fight Obesity and Excess Weight

We live in a fast world. Jobs give way to entertainment, entertainment leads to eating, and if weekend peaks its head around the corner, it offers a possibility of dating.

However, modern times encourage a frame of mind that treats all of these like disposable products that should enrich your life with easily achievable delights.

This is especially noticeable (and dangerous) when it comes to food.

Obesity is one of the leading health problems that is becoming challenging even for medicine.

We live in a time obsessed with image, so it comes as no surprise that this issue takes a forefront at the expense of other matters.

However, a diet rich in sodium, sugar and saturated fats is not the only factor that contributes to this epidemic. Most people today live sedentary lifestyles, which is often even encouraged by their job (especially if they work from home).

In order to beat this problem effectively, here are five tips you can follow to fight obesity and overweightness.

1. Drink a lot of fluids

Start off by drinking a lot of water.

It will speed up your metabolism and help you detox. It’s really hard to determine the exact amount of daily water intake because it depends highly on your size, weight and physical prowess, but it’d be safe to say you can drink two liters of water a day for the desired effect. Keep in mind that you won’t see results immediately, it takes some time for the effect to be visible.

However, you shouldn’t stop there. You can put entire meals in a glass if you put a little effort into it. Use a blender or a juicer to make smoothies from fruits and vegetables. This will speed up your metabolism and help your body absorb the vitamins without too much effort.

2. Carbs are your enemy

Fast food doesn’t only taste delicious, it can even make you feel euphoric.

It is due to a combination of complex carbs, sugar and salt that you might feel as if you’ve hit the peak of your mood after a slice of pizza or a hamburger, but you’ll be on your way to a terrible energy crash before you know it.

Your body will, therefore, crave for more strong food sources, and this traps you in a vicious circle that leads to obesity.

In this sense, carbs are your greatest enemy. They contribute to the production of insulin that has a significant role in storing all that fat in your waist and thighs. You can break this chain by throwing all that starch out of the window and relying on what little carbs vegetables like cauliflower and broccoli have to offer.

Beware though – after getting rid of carbs and sugar, you are in for several days of withdrawal symptoms that include chronic tiredness, headache and dizziness. However, after three to five days, you will feel rejuvenated with a fresh energy boost after your body adapts to the new dietary regimen.

3. Mix up high-protein foods and vegetables for a potent energy cocktail

This might be a sensitive subject for vegetarians. Meat is a very potent food rich in protein, vitamins, omega-3 fatty acids.

Your body may need extra energy to digest it, but combined with fruits and vegetables, it makes for an energy cocktail that will get you through most of the day.

On the one hand, you have eaten a meal that doesn’t have any carbs or sugar, which has a positive impact on your weight loss.

On the other hand, since you’ve had your rich daily intake of vitamins, and your body needs time to process this, you won’t be hungry for a prolonged stretch of time.

Some people even have a habit of combining meat with sour fruits, because their juices can assist the digestion of meat tissue. However, if you really don’t eat meat, you could poach some eggs for your required intake of protein and omega-3 fatty acids.

As far as vegans are concerned (and this goes both for meat munchers and vegetarians too) you can always opt to fry some mushrooms. They have a similar protein-vitamin ratio to meat. In fact, they can be a potent replacement for meat if you wish to try out a lighter diet.

4. Don’t skip breakfast – skip late dinner

For some reason, skip breakfast is an emerging trend among those who want to lose weight. As much as it might have some gratifying effect visually (we look as lean as we can in the morning), it’s definitely not a healthy trend, nor a trend that can help you with weight loss in the long run.

Breakfast is the most important meal of the day, as it gives your body a necessary kick to start off the day. Unfortunately, people tend to skip it since they are mostly bending over backwards to prepare for work in the morning and don’t have the time to prepare breakfast.

Thankfully, lifestyle whizzes from around the world offer a lot of alternative healthy meals like Optifast and other nutritious delights for those hard pressed for time. If you find a perfect pre-made healthy meal for you, you’ll be able to kill two flies with one blow – save time and have breakfast.

5. Movement makes a difference

In the end, if you’re leading a sedentary lifestyle, that waistline will hardly melt away in spite of all your nutritious efforts.

Exercise adds to the toxin-release ratio, it helps you shape your muscles and your body in a way that you will definitely be pleased with what you see in the mirror. Above all, it has a positive influence on your mood.

Obesity often leads to depression, and it’s important to implement all preventive measures that can help you cope with it. Exercise is definitely one of the stronger allies on your side. At least, start by having a 10 000-step walk every day. You could bring a friend and, as you two have a chat along the way, it will pass like breeze.

Remember, your body is made to move, so do not deprive your body of this. Otherwise, it will turn against you.


The hardest thing to do is to begin. Every major lifestyle change leads to inner struggle that has to be overcome before you achieve any results. Obesity is one of great problems of modern times, and if you’ve been caught in this whirlwind, it will require extra energy to pull yourself out of it. By following these five tips, you will be well on your way to make a difference; just bear the end-goal in mind and you will persevere.

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  1. Mandy Yanga says:

    I agree to all of this! I also think taking the right vitamins will help you fight obesity and will surely give you the right nutrients your body needs. Thanks for sharing this!

  2. Carlon says:

    Very useful advices I’ll try implementing them but do you think it makes sens to try losing weight being in my 50ies?

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