EatSmart Precision Digital Bathroom scale review

The EatSmart Precision digital smart scale is one of the bestselling low cost smart scale machines on the market and it is continuing to rule over the market.

Although there are those who think that it simple does not stand up to its name, it can be a good choice, considering the price. In this article, we are going to take a close look at some of the features and specs of EatSmart Precision Digital Bathroom scale, a low cost Body scale.


Main features review

To start with, this smart scale has a weight range between 0 and 180 kilograms. This is a very good thing in that it can measure body of any weight.

In addition, this device has recorded an accuracy of 100 grams, this is pretty amazing, especially when you compare it to other types of smart scale devices.


Furthermore, you need to have four powerful triple AAA batteries for the machine to function properly. However, the batteries come together with the machine so you do not need to worry about purchasing new pairs.

The scale comes with Auto Recognition Technology, which is useful in that the software allows you to stand on the scale barefoot and it then identifies who you are.

The scale is very easy to use and allows you to store info automatically. With this accurate scale, once you climb on, you enter your gender, age and height and the scale measures your weight, BMI and water weight also.

People sometimes stress that the scale won’t be able to differentiate between people of a similar height and weight, but each person has a name such as W1 or W2 and the scale displays matching profiles on the screen and you simply use the left and right arrows to arrive at your specific profile.

Most models are either measured in kilograms and in pounds. That’s not all, the machine features auto-on or auto calibrated.

What is more interesting about this product is the amount customer reviews it has received. It has more than 15000 on Amazon and has been one of the best seller for more than years.

The advantages of the EatSmart Precision Digital Bathroom scale

When it comes to looks, the EatSmart Precision Digital scale has the best design ever. In fact it can fit in any bathroom without any problem. That’s why many people prefer it to many other models.


Unlike other types of smart scales, another noticeable feature is the automatic on function. Unlike other smart scale machines where you have to tap your toe for the machine to start, you only need to stand on the machine and it is good to go.

Also, you will love the display because it is conspicuous, this makes it easy for you to read. Another interesting thing is the blue glow that comes in handy in lowlight places.

With the EatSmart scales, as many as 8 people can have their information stored. With that said, you don’t have to worry about someone else looking into your personal data as all the details you enter are kept private.

You enter in information such as weight, height, age, gender and activity. The scale also measures body fat percentage, bone- and muscle mass as well as total body water percentage.

The scale can accommodate weights up to 400lbs. With the scales BIA technology, you receive electric pulses through your bare feet.

The package also comes with a tape measure to help you monitor your waistline, which is a very great thing. You can also check Garmin Index Scale too.

The Pros & cons

The weight showed discrepencies after some use. So maybe not a product that will last you for years.


● An attractive addition to your bathroom – sleek and trendy design
● Share the scale with many users


● One or 2 people griped about the accuracy of the scale but when you read their comments you get the impression they felt compelled to say at least something slightly negative about the scale
● People would like the scale to have Wi-Fi capacity to upload details to their phone, for instance.

Eatsmart products have a good quality and helps you to reach your goals. Have a look at their website for their other products.

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