Best Weight Loss Supplements For Men

Best Weight Loss Supplement For Men

Okay so there’s a LOT of talk in the media nowadays about not assuming and assigning gender to a person.

There’s a whole lot about how we can be whatever we want and change whatever we don’t like, and I get it, freedom to be who we really are.

But…here’s the thing, men and women’s bodies, are scientifically and genetically different in many ways.

Women and men’s bodies are amazing in their own ways and are capable of astounding things, but they don’t get the same results by doing and trying the same things.

Quick Look at Our Top Picks

Women often find it harder to shed the extra pounds on their body than their male counterparts do.

However that doesn’t mean that weight loss is a breeze for men, and that it doesn’t come without any hard work.

You will find that a lot of men’s weight loss supplements come as a testosterone booster as well.

Testosterone of course, is a hormone found in both men and women’s bodies it is much more prominent in males and helps them not as much in weight loss but in muscle gain and retention.

When you are building muscle there is little room for fat to find a place to hide.

Now if you are looking to lose the fat then muscle is your friend but too much muscle will weigh a lot as muscle is heavier than fat.

It’s important to look for supplements that not only cut the fat but help to preserve or build muscle mass.

The muscle will weigh more though it will be healthier and lead to a body type you will be more satisfied with.

Editor’s Choice for Best Weight Loss Supplement For Men:

Editor’s Choice
Organic Superfood Green Juice Supplement
Organifi is my personal choice for men’s weight loss as I have loved the results I see with the men in my life. This is an easy supplement to take, and will go well in your water, a smoothie or shake depending on which you prefer, I personally opt for adding it to a fruit packed smoothie but that’s just me.
  • Water soluble
  • Superfood packed
  • Immune support

How To Effectively Use A Weight Loss Supplement?

Each weight loss supplement will come with it’s own instructions for how to properly take them, so you should read the labels carefully. For all of them you should be careful to take them as directed and regularly without skipping a dose.

You should always take weight loss supplements in conjunction with a healthy diet and exercise. Supplements are not replacements for nutrients or meals and you should not take them by themselves as a way to skip a meal.

Special Considerations For Compiling This List

  • Easy to take: I feel like one of the biggest challenges that people have with losing weight is sticking to whatever the plan is. I chose the supplements that make it easier for you to take on a regular schedule and ones that you don’t have a lot of trouble taking.
  • Fat burning: I like to have supplements that help to truly burn the fat in my body. I chose supplements for this list that burn fat and boost energy to gain muscle.
  • Quality price: While not every single supplement on his list is extremely low cost, they are a good price for the product. Most of them are however, rather affordable for most anyone.

Top 5 Weight Loss Supplements For Men

Organifi green juice supplement

Organifi green juice supplement

I personally am a huge fan of making smoothies as a way to take a supplement, really any kind of supplement. I feel like it is easier and I can pack not only the supplement but other fruits, seeds, nuts, and nutrients into a single, tasty drink.

This supplement is a bit more pricey than some of the other options on my list but it comes with a quality product from a brand name that you can trust. Organifi knows what your body needs and has been working on and perfecting the product for years.

Organifi is made with twelve different, and impactful superfoods and all without GMO’s or gluten. There are thirty servings per container that allow for a full months supply of supplement.


  • 12 superfoods
  • Immune support
  • Hormone balance
  • Detox


  • Expensive
  • Strong taste

Modern Man V3 Intense 2 in 1

Modern Man V3 Intense 2 in 1

Modern Man V3 is labeled as an intense supplement and a testosterone booster to help you get the energy and motivation to keep going. You get sixty capsules in each container that you purchase which will last you two months for a reasonable price.

Not only will you find that this supplement is a fat burner and a muscle stimulant that helps you to build and keep the muscle fiber. Your focus will also be perfected and heightened with this supplement, as it is designed to keep you on your A-game and the better focus will help you to keep up with your healthy routine.

There is caffeine in this pill supplement that helps to keep you awake and burns fat as well. The supplement is long lasting as well to give it drive and energy throughout the day while burning fat.


  • Testosterone boosting
  • Caffeine
  • Helps with focus
  • Easy to swallow pills


  • May cause nausea
  • Strong side effects

 Jacked Factory Primasurge booster and supplement

Jacked Factory Primasurge booster and supplement

Jacked Factory Primasurge uses all natural ingredients to create their supplement which I absolutely love. If you’re going to add something into your life then it should be made with less chemicals and more natural ingredients that are good for your body.

You get a major testosterone boost from this supplement that helps to build muscle and give you the strength you need as well. It’s a fat burner that works with your body to shed fat and the pounds.

You will notice your energy levels rise and your libido as well which will help to motivate you to stick with a great exercise plan. If you are not fully satisfied you can of course get a 100% money back refund.


  • All natural
  • Energy and libido boost
  • Money back guarantee
  • Fat burner


  • May cause headaches
  • Strong side effects

Evlution nutrition testosterone booster and weight loss supplement

Evlution nutrition testosterone booster and weight loss supplement

You can order this in either a one or two pack, though I suggest you to order the double pack if you know you like the product. The two pack costs only $20 more and you get twice the product, saving you $10, however though make sure you actually like this first.

Evolution markets this product as a transparently labeled product meaning that what it says it contains is exactly what’s in there. There is no guessing what something means but it is clearly and easily labeled for your convenience.

Made with herbs and natural acids this product give you a testosterone boost that is not chemicals based and made. There is vitamin D and B6, zinc and magnesium to give you not just boosts to testosterone but vitamins as well.

Evlution is an American made product that holds to the standards and regulations of the FDA so you can trust what is inside the product.


  • Vitamin rich
  • Deal for a two pack
  • Transparent marketing
  • FDA approved


  • Strong odor
  • Harsh side effects

Old School Labs Vintage Burn fat burner

Old School Labs Vintage Burn fat burner

Old School Labs does not just burn your fat but works extremely hard to preserve your muscle so that when you lose the weight you lose the weight that you want to. At the same time you get to keep the muscle mass weight that you want to have.

This particular product is formulated in California where all of the health fads seem to stem from. Made in the US, this product adheres to regulations and does not include harmful things that you don’t need or want in your body.

While this is great for men it can in fact be used by women as well if need be, though I saw best results in men who used it. This is not a vegan product though, it contains eggs and animal products though without added sugars or additive flavors.


  • Natural
  • USA made
  • Preserves muscle
  • Great price


  • High caffeine
  • May cause extreme nausea and some vomiting

Closing Thoughts

You can feel free to try out the supplements on this list and if you are unsure, perhaps start with the cheapest option and see how that goes for you. Cheap on this list does not refer to the quality at al, just makes it much more affordable.

Make sure to speak to your health care professional about taking supplements and if you experience any stomach pain. Do not rely on supplements alone but begin making a lifestyle change towards a healthier life and see the results for yourself.

If you have been struggling to lose weight and gain muscle I understand how fed up you may feel. If you are dieting in a safe and healthy way and have added in a good exercise plan then perhaps a supplement to help you burn fat is what you need.

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