7 Best Rice Protein Powders – Comparison & Buyer’s Guide

Rice protein powder is one of the most popular protein powders available for vegans.

When people think of protein supplements, they may automatically think of gym-goers and bodybuilders, but this nutritional supplement is great for anybody and comes with a whole host of benefits.

Rice protein powder is a quick way of getting your body the protein it needs.

It can be added to foods or drinks and prepare your body ready for the day.

It is also an easy way of making sure your body absorbs the essential amino acids in protein within that 30-minute period after a workout with a quick drink like a smoothie or shake.

There are several different types of rice protein powders available on the market. We’ve taken a better look at the most popular ones to help you find the product that will suit you best.

Quick Look at Our Top Picks:

Zen Principles Organic – High Protein Content

With Zen Principles Organic Brown Rice Protein Powder, you are getting 15 of your essential amino acids as well as anti-inflammatory compounds and iron.

USDA Approved rice protein powder

Zen Principles have developed a hydrolyzed rice compound formula, and they also ground their rice protein powder much finer than other rice powder on the market, making it easy to dissolve into liquids, even cold drinks.

There are no fillers or additives, just rice grown on sustainable farms that have been tested for freshness and quality.

It’s non-GMO, certified organic, and completely suitable for vegans. The rice is dried at low temperatures and ground and packaged right away, helping it stay fresh which is obvious with the earthy scent and look to the powder.

In one serving (30g which is four scoops), you’ll get 27g of protein. The protein content (90%) is amongst the highest on the market. This rice protein powder is pretty tasteless, and users have said they can’t taste it at all when mixed with flavored drinks.


Raw Ingredients 4 Life – No-Nonsense Organic Choice

Raw Ingredients 4 Life claim their Raw Organics Sprouted Brown Rice Protein is the most complete bio-available plant based protein powder on the market.

There is nothing in it but 100% organic brown rice protein.

Raw organics powder contentA 30g serving size provides 24g of protein.

What is great about this protein powder is that comes in a convenient packet that you can take with you on the go.

This powder is not as finely ground as Zen Principles and needs to be mixed well in drinks, or it can feel a bit grainy.

The taste on its own has been described as not very desirable, but it should be undetectable in heavily flavored drinks and even food. There’s no horrible aftertaste to worry about, and it is easily digested.


Growing Naturals Organic – For Those with a Sweet Tooth

Here is a protein power for the chocoholics (although there is a strawberry or vanilla option as well!)

growing naturals rice chocolateWhile there are lots of either tasteless or not-so-great tasting rice protein powder out there, this is a good choice for those who like some flavor.

Of course, the others can be mixed with other drinks, but if you have a sweet tooth then add a bit of great chocolate taste to any drink (some kind of milk or smoothie is recommended), all while giving you some amazing and necessary amino acids.

One serving size of 34g (1 scoop) is 24g of protein.

Despite the chocolate, it is dairy free, great for vegans and is gentle on sensitive stomachs.

It blends well but can be slightly gritty. This is something that has been easily overlooked by reviewers due to its great taste! This is what makes it a favorite amongst those who use rice protein powder.

SunWarrior Classic Protein – Whole Grain Goodness

SunWarrior Classic Protein is a brown rice protein powder that uses the complete raw whole grain, even the endosperm and bran.

Sunwarrior classic box

SunWarrior also uses a low temperature to ensure the best of the grain is not lost.

This is also a brand that has chocolate as a flavor (but vanilla is also available!) There are no artificial ingredients, just chocolate, and vanilla extracts.

There are also no chemicals or fillers.

One scoop (21g) provides 16g of protein.

It has an amazing taste, but be sure to mix it with milk, shakes, smoothie, something other than water or else it will be chalky. It is gluten free, and this is something those with celiac disease can really enjoy. It is also non-dairy. It doesn’t quite leave a feeling of being full like some others do.

This is down to the individual if this is a welcomed detail or not. For taste, it wins top marks, but there is not as much protein in this as others.


Jarrow Formulas – Great for Sensitive Stomachs

Jarrow Formulas Ultra Smooth Brown Rice Protein comes in three flavors: chocolate, vanilla, and mixed berry. It is made with whole grain brown rice and is hypoallergenic, gluten-free, and suitable for vegans.

box of jarrow's formula protein powderIt is gentle on stomachs that may be sensitive to dairy, wheat, and soy.

There are only three ingredients including non-GMO brown rice, natural flavorings, and organic guar gum.

Jarrow Formulas use a special milling process that leaves you with a very smooth consistency and much less of a grainy feel than others on the market.

Reviewers have said that the taste is ok, but it doesn’t seem as strong as others. However, it is good in just a glass of milk without that chalkiness.

A serving size is 2 ½ tablespoons (16g) which has 12g of protein. This is not as much protein as others, but it is an overall enjoyable powder to add to drinks.


Nutribiotic – Flavor Without the Sweetness

The Nutribiotic Rice Protein powder is 80% protein, with one heaping tablespoon (15g) containing 12g of protein.

nutribiotic powder

The brown rice is non-gmo, grown without pesticides, herbicides, and PCBs.

There are also no preservatives, soy, wheat, dairy, eggs, yeast, corn, or nuts, making it another great choice for those who suffer from allergies.

The ingredients are Enzymatically processed rice protein from whole grain, sprouting brown rice, and natural flavorings (it comes in vanilla and chocolate.)

The flavor itself is not very strong or sweet. It mixes very well in a blender without settling to the bottom, even in just water.

Otherwise, it can get a little clumpy (in water mainly). It’s not very filling which again, may be preferred by many. This is a wonderful rice protein powder choice if you’re not big on strong tastes or sweetness. Reviewers have suggested that is easily rectified with a few drops of Stevia though!


Veglife – Very Versatile Rice Protein

Veglife Rice Protein Pure Powder is an unflavored rice protein powder that is perfect to integrate into both drinks and your favorite recipes.

veglife imageThis gluten-free rice protein powder has a suggested serving size of 23g (one scoop) that contains 16g of protein.

It is free of major allergens but does contain 25g of pea protein.

Despite having a neutral taste, reviewers have said it is actually a pleasant taste, even in just milk or juice.

It is filling, and some may decide to use it as a meal replacement with a nutritious smoothie or shake for breakfast.

As previously mentioned, it can even be added to food and the taste will be undetectable. It mixes very well, and while some have said it has a slightly gritty texture, others have said it is smooth and fine.

Questions & Answers

How to mix Rice Protein Powder

Most protein powder tubs come with a scoop and recommended serving size.

Shake in a glass

Follow the directions on the product to see what is best for it and simply add to your favorite drink. Because rice protein powder can get a bit clumpy and/or gritty, it is best using a blender to get the smoothest drink. If you have a shaker, be sure it is well mixed before enjoying.  

How to make it taste good

Some rice protein powders come with superb flavoring while others are not very strong or are simply unflavored. Try adding fresh fruit to a smoothie that will be the dominant flavor. Bananas and berries are great for this!  

How does rice protein taste?

Unflavored rice protein tastes tend to vary depending on the product but never has a strong taste to it.

It is quite mellow if you can taste it at all. Adding it to a shake or smoothie makes it a lot more enjoyable.  

Is it a complete protein?

Rice protein powders have an array of proteins, including alanine and lysine, but it is not a complete protein in the way whey protein is.

Is it good enough for bodybuilding?

Rice protein powder gives your body the building blocks needed for building muscle.

It also helps, if taken within 30 minutes of your workout, to help recover quicker. It is excellent for bodybuilders for this reason. Have a look at this great video interview with vegan bodybuilder Jon Venus:

Rice Protein VS Whey – What’s the difference?

While they both deliver great protein, Whey is a dairy-based product. In terms of nutritional values, they’re very much alike.

Rice protein is great for those who may be allergic to dairy and other common allergens and if you are following a plant-based diet.

If you’re not, however, then whey may be the better option as it is a complete protein, meaning it has all the essential amino acids your body needs.

Rice VS Pea Protein Powders

Pea protein is another plant-based protein powder that does not have any of the common allergens.

It is actually cheaper as well, but the process as to how it is turned into protein powder needs to be done carefully as it can affect the amounts of phytic acid that can influence nutrient absorption. Like rice protein, it is hypoallergenic and even has high protein levels.

The biggest difference is in the taste! The taste is not something a lot of people take to, but with rice protein, it is a lot more subtle!

How is it made?

Whole grains of rice are picked are carefully dried to not lose any of quality.

This may be done in different ways, depending on the company, but it is great at low temperatures, gently drying the grains.

Uncooked grains of rice up closeThey are then milled to grind them into a powder form as best as possible to ensure there is no overwhelming grittiness but also not overdone too much to where it would be chalky. It is then quickly packed away for freshness, making sure you get the very best of the rice protein..


  • Rice protein powder is perfect for those who suffer from allergies to other common ingredients like dairy, wheat, and soy.
  • In addition to loads of protein, it also has amino acids, vitamins B and E, fiber, and essential carbohydrates.
  • The taste is not very strong if there is one detected at all. There is no bad aftertaste to worry about.
  • It’s great for everybody, whether you are working out regularly, a bodybuilder, or someone who just wants that extra nutrition to their diet. The proteins build muscle and help in recovery after a workout as well.
  • It is hypoallergenic meaning it won’t bother the stomach. It is good for people with IBS and other bowel issues.
  • Rice protein is a good way for vegetarians and vegans to get that important protein that is normally found in meat.
  • It’s great for weight loss as well. It helps regulate blood sugar which assists with helping prevent body fat storage. It can also be filling and help with a meal replacement while giving the vital nutrients you still need. Proteins also take more energy to digest, allowing you to burn more calories.
  • You can cook with it, and you won’t taste it!
  • There’s no fat, sugar, or cholesterol.
  • Rice protein is absorbed fast in the body, so you can have it after a workout and be sure it is already getting to work in a short amount of time.