Best Fitness Tracker For You Under $50

Best Fitness Tracker For You Under $50

Best Fitness Tracker For You Under $50

How To Tell If You Have A Quality Fitness Tracker

Fitness trackers are delicate electronic devices that provide you with a lot of fitness measurements to help you get a small picture of your health. Though some can be extremely pricey, many are on the budget end of things, but budget does not have to mean of bad quality.

While these can be delicate because they are thin and worn on the wrist, they are also extremely durable devices. To find one that is worth the investment, you should find one that can withstand the everyday wear and tear as well as the long term use of investing your money into a small piece of technology.

The device you have should not take a long time to charge yet the charge should last you throughout the week. If the device does not charge easily, and if the charge does not last for a long time, then it is not really a phenomenal tracker, regardless of the fact that it is on a budget.

The fitness tracker should not be limited to simple counting steps or distance because it is not just a pedometer. You are not investing money into a device for it to perform basic functions but for it to accurately track different areas of your health.

One area of budget fitness trackers that is not as durable as others is typically the bands that they come on but they are inexpensive and easy to replace. You can typically purchase replacement bands along with the fitness tracker.

Considerations for making this list

  • Multiple tracking modes: These fitness trackers should come with multiple tracking modes to measure all of your activities. Not only should it accurately read your sports but it should track more than just your steps and distance but your heart rate, calories, sleep and other areas.
  • Long battery life: Not only should the battery last you throughout the day, but throughout the week after charging it for only an hour or two a day. Your battery should be long lasting in the terms that you should not have to replace the battery often.
  • Stylish: Fitness trackers are designed to be incredibly stylish so that you can wear them with almost any outfit. You should be searching for a sleekly designed device that can come in your choice of color.
  • Durable: Fitness trackers on this list should be extremely durable through the everyday wear and tear of using the device constantly. It should last you long term as well so that you do not have to buy a new device every year.

Top 5 Fitness Trackers Under $50

Letsfit Fitness Tracker HR

Letsfit has created a very stylish fitness tracker that you can wear on your wrist and sync it with your device for all day tracking. You can order this sleek tracking device in one of five colors like black, grey, blue, red, green or purple.

This tracker works automatically, the entire day without you having to constantly set the tracker to record information. Your steps, distance, and calories will be counted to give you update on how walking or running affects your overall health.

Not only will your heart rate be measured continuously and automatically but your active time and sleep will be tracked. You can charge this tracker wirelessly, by simply plugging it into a USB port and after charging for one to two hours, you will have a sufficient charge for an entire week.

This tracker comes with fourteen sports tracking modes to accurately recognize and measure your activities. While you are exercising the tracker will be able to pick up on more than just steps.


  • 5 color options
  • Automatically tracks heart rate and sleep
  • Wireless charging
  • 14 exercise modes


  • Some had issues syncing the device
  • Some say the band has to be changed fairly quickly

007plus Fitness Tracker

This is one of the more thinly designed fitness trackers on the market that goes well with all of your outfits. There are a variety of color options available for you to choose the one that goes best with your wardrobe including black, blue, green, purple, light pink or any of those colors with silver.

This fitness tracker can be synced up with most smart devices to transmit your information from one to the next. Windows phones are not compatible. This device is water resistant meaning that it will withstand the sweat, rain and general water damage from everyday life.

There is an app that works with the fitness tracker to read your info from your phone. You can charge this device by plugging it into any available USB port.


  • Water resistant
  • USB charging
  • Color options
  • Syncs with phones


  • Not compatible with all devices
  • Some had issues with this device long term

MorePro Waterproof Health Tracker

MorePro has also gotten its name in the health tracking market and especially as a budget fitness tracker that will come under $50. You can order this stylish design in either black, blue or purple that will all match your office attire and workout clothes as well.

The screen on this device is in color and easy to read regardless of what light is in your background. This will measure your heart rate and sleep accurately and continuously which uploads immediately the heart beat measurements.

This does not only track your awake time and active time, but will measure your light sleep and deep sleep throughout the night. These two measurements will help to add to the rest of the fitness tracking information which gives you a better picture of your health.


  • Long battery life
  • Fashionable
  • Tracks light sleep
  • Easy to read screen


  • Blood pressure tracking may be a bit off
  • Waterproof but difficult to read in the water

Arbily Fitness Tracker

This budget fitness tracker comes with multi-sports trackers to record and monitor several different aspects. Not only does it count the steps, the calories are burned, a sleep monitored, as well as a sedentary alert to keep you on your feet and active every day.

This is a waterproof fitness tracker so you can take it for water exercise, in the shower and it will hold up regardless of how you sweat. You can sync this tracker with your phone to give you missed calls and messages and is Bluetooth compatible.

This tracker is for those on a budget but it does not compromise on style, and is very fashionable. You can order this fitness tracker in one of five colors including black, blue, green, purple and light pink.


  • Bluetooth capabilities
  • Sedentary alerts
  • Five colors
  • Waterproof


  • Does not measure heart rate
  • Some report the battery lasts only two days

Ausun Fitness Tracker

Not only is this a stylish fitness tracker, but you can wear it the entire day regardless of how many times you change your outfit throughout the day. You can order interchangeable bands as well so you can change the color of your fitness tracker band to better match your days.

There are 14 sports modes on this fitness tracker which allows all of the walking, running, and exercise you do in a day to be accurately tracked. Your heart rate and sleep will be accurately and continuously monitored without having to set it up every time to read the information.

You can charge this battery and it will last you throughout the week without an issue and you only have to charge it for an hour or two. You can order the band colors in one of five options including black, blue, red, green or purple.


  • 5 color options
  • 14 sports modes
  • Sleep tracking
  • Long battery life


  • Some found setup difficult
  • Difficulty syncing with the app

Closing thoughts

When you purchase a fitness tracker you are adding a small accessory to your outfits that will be reading the health information of your body on a daily basis. The fitness tracker does not have to ruin your personal style but will be small and easy to add to your daily wardrobe.

Fitness trackers on a budget should not compromise on quality and should be durable to last you throughout the entire day. It should also last you for weeks and months of wear and even through the year.

Your fitness tracker does not explain all of your health and does not take the place of seeing a doctor regularly regarding any issues you are having. The tracker can log heart rate, sleep tracking, distance and steps to give you a small picture of your health, but keep in mind it does not give you the entire picture.

These fitness trackers can show you what you have done over the course of a day, a week, a month and even a year which means you have your fitness records at your fingertips. This is useful for you when you want to measure progress or see what needs to be improved.

Because most all trackers can sync with your smartphone you can keep information altogether and have it easily to read in the palm of your hand. The fitness tracker will make you more aware of where your health is and help you in being responsible for your overall health.

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