Best Budget Fitness Tracker

Best Budget Fitness Tracker

Best Budget Fitness Tracker

What Is A Fitness Tracker?

Fitness trackers have made a big splash in the technological world in the recent years as we have become increasingly more concerned with our health. It’s not hard to wonder why when we consider the increase of childhood obesity, diseases affecting the heart and even diabetes.

Proper wellness and fitness may have been ideas that we put on the back burner but now our overall well being is a popular topic and the basis for many new trends. One in particular is the idea that have a fitness tracker attached to you almost constantly is a good idea and that the tracker itself should be easy to read, log information and be stylish to boot.

You may have seen fitness trackers popping up around the office on the wrists of your colleagues or in the gym while you are exercising. These small bands do not take up much room and can be worn daily and usually the battery lasts long term so you don’t have to take it on and off.

A fitness tracker is a piece of technology that is designed to monitor a few different areas of your overall fitness throughout the day. These trackers do not always have to be wearable, but typically they come in wearable bands so you can keep the tracker on your wrist and logging your fitness data day and night.

Many fitness trackers count your daily steps, and the distance that you walk or run, but some even can count the calories that you burn in a day. A lot of fitness trackers that will monitor your sleep throughout the night and can even give you gentle wake up reminders and allow you to set alarms throughout the day.

You can wear most fitness trackers through the night without issue so that your heart rate will be continuously monitored and recorded to give you a better picture of your heart health without losing time tracking it. It can also keep track of your sleep and with some of the trackers that are waterproof you can take the tracker into the shower and pool without issue and without losing tracking information.

Can fitness trackers be inexpensive and still good quality?

If you have made it to this page then you are searching for an inexpensive fitness tracker but you are wanting one that is of good quality. The question is, is it possible to have a fitness tracker that can handle all of the functions you are needing, be in a stylish design and still be on a budget?

While some of the pricier fitness trackers like Fitbit or even an Apple watch are favored by a lot of people, you can still get a lot of the same features and style for a percent of the price you would pay for name brand. The devices that have been chosen for this list in particular are good quality products that will not only track your information accurately, but are reliable and stylish as well.

They are also durable devices that will hold up with everyday use and will last for years to come as well. You may need to do some band replacement over the course of time, but tracker itself should be built to withstand a lot of general wear and tear.

Special considerations for compiling this list

The fitness tracker that is specific for you will come down to your own choice of preferences, but we compiled a list to help you out. This list will state for you the pluses and minuses of each tracker and these are some of the considerations we had when we selected each device.

  • Inexpensive: As in the name of this article and the reason for your search, the items on this list should be inexpensive for you to be able to purchase on a budget. To be inexpensive they need to qualify as being fifty dollars or less, but still of good quality.
  • Durable: These devices should be made to last the wear and tear of everyday life and long term use over the course of a year. The charge on the battery, the synchronization and all of the technical aspects should hold up as well as the band on the tracker, which should be interchangeable.
  • Multiple fitness tracking measurements: It is great if the trackers count the steps you take and measure the distance you run or walk, but any normal pedometer can do the same thing. Your fitness tracker should track more areas such as heart rate, calories burned, and to monitor your sleep as well.
  • Stylish design: The designs on these devices should be modern and stylish so that they go with your outfits and so you will want to keep them on hand all day. The device needs to be one that you want to keep with you so that it can accurately read all of the information going on with you continuously.
  • Long battery life: Most of these devices wirelessly charge so to charge your device you need only to plug it into a USB port or computer and the battery will last you throughout the week. The life of the battery should extend to the battery’s longevity meaning that you should not have to replace it often or soon after purchasing.

Top 5 budget fitness trackers on the market

Swimmaxt Fitness Tracker Watch

Swimmaxt is a company that makes a fitness tracker that keeps up with you and all of your activities. The distance you run or walk as well as the calories you use up will be recorded as well as the time that you are active throughout the day.

As you may have guessed with the name of the company being Swimmaxt, this particular device is waterproof and is safe to be taken in the shower. You can also wear it in the pool for a water workout and get the calories burned and activity there measured and tracked as well.

You can sync this device with your smartphone and get SMS messages to your phone and missed calls as well. You will also get notifications if you are not being active enough throughout the day.

Your heart rate and blood pressure will be monitored so you will know how your heart health is doing at a glance. The life of the battery lasts fifteen days if you are not using it extensively and if you are active with it, then you have a weeks worth of charge.


  • Waterproof
  • Syncs with smartphones
  • Long battery life
  • Heart rate and blood pressure monitoring


  • Some report it is not bright enough
  • Some report issues with charging

Lintelek Fitness Tracker

This fitness tracker does not need a wire to charge it but you simply remove the device from the band and plug it into any USB port or even into your computer jack. You only need to charge the device for one and a half hours and the charge will last your for five full days and nights of wear.

You can sync this device with your phone to give you updates from SMS to missed calls. You can track your steps, the calories you use up, heart rate, distance and the steps you take in a single day.

This is a fashionable device and will go well with any and all of your outfit selections regardless of it being to the office or to the gym. You can choose black, or business black, blue, purple, green or light pink depending on your personal preferences.


  • Multiple colors
  • Monitors multiple fitness tracking
  • USB charging
  • Syncs to your devices


  • Some had issues with reset information
  • Some said steps are off

LETSCOM Fitness Tracker HR

This has a 24-hour heart rate tracker that keeps your heart’s health at your fingertips day and night. Your activity will be tracked throughout the day, as well as auto-sleep tracking that will let you know how long and how well you are sleeping.

You can sync with your smart device to get SMS and missed call updates throughout the day so you do not have to miss anything. There is also an alert to keep you active if you need a gentle reminder on your more sedentary days.

There are fourteen sports modes so no matter what activity you are doing, it will be recognized, recorded and tracked correctly. This is a wirelessly charged device that you can plug into any USB port in order to get the lasting battery power you need throughout the week.


  • Wireless charging
  • Syncs to your phone
  • Heart rate tracking
  • Sleep tracking


  • Tracker is a little off
  • Some had issues starting it

Riocean Fitness Tracker HR

Not only will this be a super stylish watch to keep on your arm throughout the day, but it is an excellent fitness tracker. It comes in a sleek, black design and will look great when you are in the office, school, or at the gym.

Your heart rate and sleep will be tracked automatically with no set up and accurately as well as calories, steps and distance. You will be able to check the health information on your wrist as well as the time, date and SMS and missed calls as the device syncs with your phone to give you all of the information you need in one place.

This is a waterproof device so you can take it into the shower with you and you can take it out in the rain or in the pool for water workouts.You can charge this device once every four days to give you full time use whenever you need it.


  • Syncs with your smartphone
  • Counts steps, heart rate and monitors sleep
  • Sleek design
  • One time charge for days of use


  • Some had issues with getting notifications from your phone
  • Some had issue with the heart rate monitor being inaccurate

Toobur Activity Tracker

This is an activity tracker that measures not only your steps like a pedometer, and your distance and heart rate but the calories you burn as well. There is a sleep tracker that lets you know how well you are sleeping each evening.

Once you get into a deep sleep this device can clue you in on the quality of your sleep not just the amount of time that you are sleeping, but that’s not all because light sleep and awake time is measured as well. Most devices that monitor sleep only handle the deep sleep so the light sleep being tracked is a great feature to have.

You can sync this device to your smartphone to get all of the updates you may be missing while you are out being active. It is a fashionable device and looks sleek and is available in either black, blue, green, purple or light pink.


  • Stylish design in multiple colors
  • Syncs to most smart phones
  • Tracks light sleep
  • USB charging without a cord


  • Samsung phones are not compatible with third device
  • Some had difficulty with setup

Final thoughts

A fitness tracker is something that anyone and everyone could benefit from adding to their lifestyle due to the fact that it monitors and gives you a general picture of your health. It does not tell you every aspect of your health, but does help you keep track of a few different areas of your wellness.

You can keep track of your steps, distance, the calories burned, heart rate and in some cases even your sleep. These things can be logged and it can be synced to your phone to keep your health information in one place.

With everything together and lined up, you can get a general picture of what is going on with your body, and have the recorded information on hand in case you need to show it to a doctor or to help you make informed lifestyle changes. You will be responsibly looking after how active you are, and how well you sleep and how these things affect you.

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