5 Ways to Make Your Workout More Effective

Going to the gym might be dull for you. And yes, you might have stayed true to your New Year’s resolutions and started visiting the gym religiously, thinking that showing up only is half the battle. And it definitely is. However, in order to see some results which will keep us more motivated to go to the gym, it’s very important to do whatever we can do make our workouts more effective.

It might be easy for those who have their own personal trainer – this person does not only motivate their clients, but they also create a special, custom-made workout plan. Hiring a personal trainer is pricier, though, but there are still ways in which you can, just as well, make your workouts more effective by simply paying attention to several things. Without further ado, these are the things that you should do next time you hit the gym:

Go to the gym with a plan

Even though actually walking into the gym is half the job done, it’s not the same if you wander there aimlessly without any idea what exercise to do next. This is not only bad for your motivation, but for the effectiveness as well, as exercising without a plan will not do much good do your body and your muscles. Moreover, this indecisiveness will add more time to your workout.

What you can do is prepare beforehand – you can either browse the internet and find some good exercises that you will implement the next day at the gym, or simply make a plan while you’re on your way to the gym. It’s also a very good idea to have a plan B, just in case the machine or the floor space that you planned to use is taken. In this case, either change the order of the exercises, or find a similar one that will hit the same muscles.

Know your equipment

The extent to which good equipment can make your workouts more effective can be quite shocking. If you like to do cardio and if cardio is half of your workout, investing in good and comfortable shoes is a must – not only because of lesser chances of injury, but because of the overall feeling as well.

Opting for high-quality compression tights can also make your workout at least twice as effective. Not only do they reduce muscle fatigue, soreness and the chances of injury, but they also improve your performance, muscle alignment and agility as well. This is why investing in your gym equipment is very important, even though it is seemingly unimportant.

Minimize rest, maximize time

If you’re a person who’s very busy and doesn’t have a lot of time to spend at the gym, then you have to maximize your gym time in every way possible. The best way to achieve this is by minimizing the rest between your exercises. By doing this, you’re upping the intensity of your workout, keeping your heart rate elevated, and also adding some extra time to your workout.

40-second breaks between exercises is enough, but it can depend greatly on the workout and the person. Simply use the rest to make your muscles recover from the actual exercise and go again.

Pick the right weight for you

What many newbies at the gym fail to understand is that you need to pick the right weights for you, as not all weights are good and not all are effective. What you need to do is choose weights that are heavy for you (but not too heavy); basically, you need to challenge your muscles just a bit in order for them to grow stronger. Light weights will definitely result in some health benefits, but you won’t see any improvement in your strength or fitness.

Choosing weights that are too heavy will result in your muscles getting completely tired, and then, again, you will see no improvement. Find weights with which you can finish all the reps of an exercise, and if you’re struggling with the last two or three reps – that’s it. If you see that you can finish everything without struggling, it means that you need to increase the weight.

Pick the right playlist

Finally, choosing the right playlist can do wonders for your workout. It’s definitely not the same working out in complete silence and listening to the moans of the people around you, nor is it the same when you’re listening to depressing songs. Find a playlist that’s very upbeat and motivational, and you will see the difference. What you can also do is put your phone on airplane mode so that you won’t be tempted to reply to messages or check your Instagram feed while working out.


Making your workout more efficient is definitely a goal that you should set for yourself. It might be easier said than done, but let’s be honest – it’s not that difficult.

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